Many celebrities have now been spotted using e-Cigarettes out and about. Some sporting compact cigarette style e-Cigs and others using e-liquid. After senators slammed leonardo Di Caprio last week at the golden globes, we wondered how many celebrities were out there vaping e-Cigs. Vaping celebrities include Johhny Depp, who has being seen often sporting e-Cigarettes, and Leonardo Di Caprio who has been spotted numerous times including at the golden globes that we reported on last week. There are other huge stars kicking there habit with e-Cigarettes and all have reported that the e-Cigs have helped them quit or dramatically cut down smoking.

Kevin Federline ex wife Britney Spears is a huge celeb in the music world and has also been pictured vaping eCigs, along with Ronnie Woods, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and more. There are many ex smokers amongst celebs and they have found e-Cigarettes useful, practical and enjoyable.

Some celebrities have come under great criticism for using there e-Cigs in public, stating that it glorifies electronic cigarettes to the youth. However looking at it from the other side of the fence, most of these celebrities had heavy smoking habits before and there using these devices to improve there health. If you are using eCigs to quit smoking that’s fine, but if you are a celebrity using eCigs to stop smoking you will face criticism apparently. Smokers could benefit enormously from quitting with e-Cigarettes and celebrities are no different.

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