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Electronic Cigarettes have now become part of peoples lives. People have opted to throw away their cancer sticks and replace them with a safer and cheaper electronic substitute. People are now carrying electronic cigarettes everywhere they go, so that got us at Vvapour thinking, ‘What else could electronic cigarettes do for us in the future?’

Here are some ideas:

1. The Phone Electronic Cigarette.

The older we get, more and more features get added to our mobile phones. Instead of people carrying around their laptops, cameras, phones and other equiptment, Mobile phone companies have created smartphones. These smartphones incorporate all these devices into 1 solution so your pockets are not full of heavy equipment. So why can’t a phone be an e-cig as well?
They use very similar lithium ion batteries so the battery could power both the phone and the electronic cigarette, people carry both mobiles and electronic cigarettes in there pocket so why not combine the two into one simple device.

2. The Electronic Cigarette iPod.

Have a little boogie every time you vape. Again an iPod and an electronic cigarette are both powered by lithium ion batteries so making the hybrid shouldn’t prove all that difficult. DAB radio, small SD card and a headphones/speaker socket would make the perfect companion to any music loving vape enthusiast. You could even add sound effects every time you vaped!

3. The Vvapour Motorcycle Helmet

Out for along journey on your motorbike and want to have a cigarette? Now you don’t need to pull over with this handy eHelmet concept. Hand controlled trigger allowing the rider to vape through a mouthpiece built into the helmet.Many helmets now come with battery powered devices built into the helmet so why not an eCig.

4. Drug Administering Electronic Cigarette

Are you scared of needles? Find tablets hard to swallow and give you stomach upsets? Suppositories not for you? Why not include your medication or pain relief in eLiquid allowing you to vape your medication without stomach bother or risk of infection. So many drugs and cures out there could take advantage of electronic cigarette technology and even maybe tempt some smokers away from there usual death-bringing cigarettes in the process.

5. Electronic Cigarette Ball Point/Touch Pen

Always have a pen handy with this concept, and a handy touch stylus too, not to mention the e-Cig. This concept would be great at those jobs where the boss never lets you take cigarette breaks, or at a vape friendly office.

If you have anymore ideas or concepts please let us know on our e-Cigarette facebook page.