eCigarettes have come under a lot of scrutiny around europe over the last few years, with European countries having quite a varied response to the new vape trend. Sale in Britain at the moment is perfectly legal, yet in other countries such as Norway the sale of ecigarettes and eliquids containing nicotine is banned, and in Estonia eCigarettes were banned but then the legislation was overturned in March 2013 and they are now legal but slightly restricted. Across America the laws also vary, with Chicago banning eLiquids containing nicotine and places like Florida which is allowed.

The European parliament are working on uniting as many countries in Europe with the same laws and legislations, making the law clearer country to country. The problem is the legal decisions could drastically change the availability of eCigs within the UK. If new European laws ban eCigs in 2016 like they have in Norway, then only nicotine free electronic devices will be available, and for smokers trying to quit cigarettes that would be bad news.

Luckily however we can actually have our say in a meaningful way. Member of the European Parliament Nikki Sinclaire is coming to our Vvapour shop in College Road, Kingstanding on Monday 17th Feb 10:15am. Nikki is supporting eCigarettes and is travelling to Brussels to speak at the European Parliament soon after her visit to Vvapour. The whole vaping community need YOU to voice your opinions and questions to her, get your point of view across, make sure your freedom to vape is heard. Just remember if our voices are not heard we could see a ban like Norway and never again would you be able to enjoy great eLiquid like fuzion vapor Unicorn blood and all smokers across the UK may start smoking again.

Whatever your opinion is, make sure you have your say when MEP Nikki Sinclaire visits. Everybody is welcome on Monday 17th February at 10.15am to voice your concerns whatever your opinion. If you require any other information please Contact Vvapour Here.

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