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Is quitting smoking going well for you?


By now you probably haven’t smoked a regular cigarette for a while, and good for you! No doubt you are already noticing health improvements, smelling better and saving money while your enjoying vaping. But how much money are you actually saving vaping? Within the savings form on this page, just simply fill in the amount of regular cigarettes you usually (or used) to Smoke per day, and we will automatically figure out how much money you are actually saving.

How Do We Calculate What You Save Vaping Instead of Smoking?

Nothing here is an exact science, some people buy a simple, cheap ecig and last them a year as they rarely use it, other people will spend hundreds of pounds buying all the latest models and extras. What we have tried to do is find the average a basic ecig user will consume and how much eliquid equates to regular cigarettes. We have also tried to include extras, spare parts and eliquid use too, as well as replacement batteries. All our figures are worked out for an annual basis, then divided to give daily, weekly, monthly and yearly saving totals.

The Facts and Figures Used

Here is how we break it down:

  • 20 cigarettes costing £8.50
  • Mid Range eCig £24.99 (1 annually)
  • 2ml eLiquid per 20 Cigarettes
  • Spare Coils/ Replacement Tanks £29.94 annually
  • Replacement Batteries/ Mods £75 annually


The savings that you get whilst vaping are quite extraordinary. Even a low user will see dramatic savings as an alternative to smoking. See for yourself!