Here at Vvapour we have been selling Mix Your Own Vjuice for a while now. This eLiquid allows you to totally customise your eLiquid to match what you really want. Choose PG, VG, Nicotine, then choose which flavour concentrates you would like in your recipe, and how much of each flavour to blend. Well you have really been creating some wonderful flavours with us, courtesy of V-juice. Some of your flavours were awesome, some were bad, and some were just plain weird (you know who you are!). V-juice have decided to use 21 of these custom flavours as part of there gourmet eLiquid range, and have now perfected these recipes, available to purchase through Vvapour Here, mix’n’match 3x10ml for £12 and 3x30ml for £33!

Vjuice Gourmet Flavours include:


Heavenly smooth. A creamy, yoghurty, velvety vape with a sweet, caramel blend that will have you on cloud nine.

Angry Apples

A double slap of red and green apples, with a sour nipple twister.

Banana Ninja

A smooth creamy banana split flavoured juice, suitable for any ninja.

Beetle Tears

A berry, berry nice vape indeed. A beautiful, bursting, bounty of big berries.

Blues Brothers

A flavourful blackberry & blueberry eJuice, with an added hint of soul and blues.

Cookie Monster

Monstrous cookie cream blend with a caramel and chocolate animal waiting to get out!

Cranked-Up Custard

Everyone’s favourite vanilla custard blend, with that extra hint of vJuice magic.

Deep Freeze

If you like cold hit menthols, then freeze your taste buds to Antarctic levels.


Hot, hot, hot. Lucifer himself wishes he could vape this fiery cinnamon demon. NOT FOR WIMPS.

Doctor Doctor

Hot and zingy. A strong aniseed kick in the face, then be soothed by a soft menthol and citrus twang.


Exercise your demons with a calypso of citrus fruits for a full flavoured orangey vape.

Forbidden Fruits

Delightful fruity blend with a cool, cold edge. One vape from this fruity eJuice and you will be banished.

God of Fire

The cure for common cold, or so we are told. A very odd, hot & cold vape.

Guava Insane

A fruity guava kiwi mix, with secret added zing. A Vjuice favourite.

Gummi Bears

Everyone’s favourite jelly sweet, now in a juice form.

Hard Candy

Ever tried candied watermelon? A suitable flavour for any melon head.


Grape filled explosion of the sweetest variety. Kissed by Italian vineyards.

Mount Dew

A lemon and lime kick with silky fizzy after tones.


A fruity, sweet citrus flavour not to dissimilar to everybody’s favourite taste of the rainbow.

Tuned in Cherry

A perfect cherry menthol all day vape that tastes as good as it smells. Cherry drop awesomeness.

Unicorn Juice

Somewhere over the rainbow unicorns prepare this berry/citrus flavoursome juice.