At Vvapour eCigs we are very interested in the research that is being done on the electronic cigarette products and keep a watchful eye on new information. Our aim is to help smokers quit using a healthier alternative to help them cut down and quit, or at least continue to enjoy nicotine in a safer way.

A recent study on eCigs has shown that eCigs contain few less toxins than originally thought. Their findings showed the level of toxins in the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes also known as vape pens and eCigs is almost indistinguishable from the levels found in normal ambient air. Those chemicals that were found were shown to be at between 50 and 900 times lower than that of traditional cigarette smoke.

The main takeaways from the study are as follows;

– The electronic cigarettes contained and delivered mostly glycerin and or PG and h20.

– Aerosol nicotine content was 85% lower than that of cigarette smoke.

– Mainstream cigarette smoke HPHCs ~3000 μg/puff were 150 times higher than eCig HPHCs.

– No significant contribution of tested HPHC classes was found for the eCigs.

Save Our eCigs!

This is just another study that further confirms what we are almost certain of already, and that is using eCigs as an alternative to smoking is between 50-900 less dangerous for your health than traditional smoking and any organization or government that works to prevent peoples easy access to this new alternative are potentially risking millions of peoples lives.

I am sure the fight will continue however a constant flow of positive research results is definitely going to help people to reconsider their political and legal stance on the eCig argument.

So what do you think about the proposed legislation and general view on eCigs from the governments and health institutions world wide? It is important that this debate is public and loud to ensure we can continue to vape without risk of persecution.