Sub Ohm Tank War

The Sub Ohm Tank War was started by kangertech and Aspire, producing tanks which allow modders to vape at sub ohm levels, whilst still keeping the functionality of a tank. The idea being you don’t need drippers any longer to produce impressive vape clouds. We will look at these products below, along with a fairly new up and coming company Horizon, which have produced another hybrid tank too, the Arctic, which can vape at 0.2ohms and up to 100w. If you are unsure what sub vaping is, please refer to our sub ohm vaping article.

So, why do we need sub ohm tanks?

Tanks are easy to use, maintain and are mostly hassle free. They compliment most batteries (although some may need an adaptor) and are suited to all people. Just simply fill the tank full of eLiquid and you can vape until the tank runs dry. Tanks however can only produce so much vapour. Although they are very practical, you are limited by how much power they can handle. A vape modder will find tanks to be un-suitable for many of there eCig mods, choosing to go for a dripper instead. Drippers produce a lot more vapour if set up correctly than tanks in general, but the only problem with drippers is you need knowledge, you need to make your own coils, own wick, and then test the coils you make. e-Liquid has to be dripped onto your coils every time you want a vape, so they are quite troublesome compared to the standard tank. Here is where the Sub Tank comes in to play.

Benefits of hybrid sub ohm tanks

The Sub Ohm Tank is a combination of drippers and tanks. All the functionality of a tank, without the dripping. Produce sub ohm sized vape clouds with your mod set-ups. Get a fuller, fresher flavour than your standard tank. The sub-ohm tanks have coils and wicks pre-made and ready to go. They range in power and are easily replaceable. Made from Kanthal wire and organic cotton, these pre-built coils are wrapped around a glass tank with plenty of air flow and circulation, which is how they can produce as much vapour as a home made dripper.

The Sub Ohm Tanks Available

Click to find: Vvapours sub ohm range

kanger subtank range

The Kangertech Subtank Range

The Kanger subtank, the first sub ohm tank range to come onto the vape market, is very nice indeed. Everything that Kanger promised last year, and as an added bonus available in three sizes: The Subtank, The Subtank Mini and the smallest Subtank Nano. Available with 1.2 ohm coils, or the sub ohm 0.5 ohm coils, all made from orgainic cotton.

atlantis tank uk

The Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank

Very stylish and very well made, the Aspire Atlantis Sub Tank competes with the drippers. Great lifespan and durability, and looks great on the Aspire Subohm Carbon Fibre battery.


The Horizon Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

The underdog, and maybe most impressive sub ohm tank. The horizon sub ohm tank has a large 3ml capacity and a choice of 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm coils! The 0.2 ohm coils are suitable up to 100w and will produce epic sized clouds and flavour.

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