Cloud chasing has become the norm for so many vapers, trying to out-do friends by producing the biggest clouds and most intense flavour. It is this yearning for clouds that have pushed vapers to experiment with RDA’s, building their own coils for low resistance using many, many different set-ups and configurations.

One new edition to the world of mods and clouds is pure nickel wire. What we are wondering is do people know the possible dangers of vaping pure nickel wire at high temperatures. Although small amounts of nickel are not worrying, using pure nickel for vaping every day is not advisable. Most vapers out there do not build there own coils, so they do not have anything to worry about. Vapers who DO make there own coils, experiment with wire and make there own RDA set-ups should all be aware the implications nickel wire can have on your health. Read more below.

Why use nickel in the first place for vaping?

Nickel wire has great conductivity and is quite malleable. So making tight wrapped coils for your own custom RDA’s may be easier with nickel wire. Plus the resistance of nickel means bigger clouds and bigger flavour. So why not use pure nickel wire?

Reason 1 – Toxicity

Nickel is a toxic metal and a known carcinogen. Which means it is classed as a dangerous material and is poisonous not just to the environment, but also to your health. Nickel vaped at high temperatures may cause the nickel to produce vapour which can be very damaging. All reputable ecigarette shops that sell pure nickel wire attach a warning, advising you to use nickel wire with an ecig that has temperature control, so you can keep the temperature low to avoid toxic fumes emanating from the nickel coils.

Nickel can be found in many items you are not probably aware of, although this is at very low quantities. In fact regular cigarettes contain nickel, some vegetables contain nickel, water can contain nickel, chocolate and fatty foods can contain nickel and its even present in small quantities in the air you breathe, so small quantities nickel is relatively harmless. Stainless steel we see everywhere contains 14% nickel, catalytic converters in cars produce some nickel and the process to manufacture margarine involves using nickel as a catalyst to hydrogenate fat.

However consuming a large amount of nickel, or breathing nickel fumes several times a day, and every day, may damage your health, so we would advise against nickel wire for your custom ecigarette builds.

Exposure to nickel can produce various symptoms including rash, blisters, breathing problems, asthma, eczema and irritation. High levels of nickel poisoning can even cause respiratory failure or lung disease.

Reason 2 – High Allergy Rate

Did you know more than 20% of the worlds population are allergic to nickel. Have you ever worn cheap jewellery and it leaves a rash or a green patch of skin where the jewellery sat? have you ever worn a belt with a buckle that itches and maybe leaves a rash? If your answer is yes then you are allergic to nickel. Nickel allergies can range from itchy skin, to discolouration of skin and blisters. If you are very perceptible to these skin rashes with metal products it is advisable not to vape with pure nickel wire at all.

With so many vape shops choosing to sell pure nickel wire we thought it may be worth providing some information, as many people are not aware of the dangers of nickel. Just because we use nickel every day, in every day household items, doesn’t mean nickel is safe.