London Midlands bans e-cigarettes

Passengers and staff will no longer be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes on London Midland trains and their 147 stations across the country from the start of next month.
The train operating company, which runs services between Wolverhampton and Birmingham New Street and from Lichfield, Rugeley and Walsall to Birmingham, is introducing the new policy on e-cigarettes from the beginning of December.

E-cigarettes will also be banned at London Midland’s offices and depots.
A spokesman for London Midland said: “We are falling in line with a lot of other organisations.

“We have had a lot of feedback from staff and customers who say that both traditional and non-traditional smoking should be barred, and we are going ahead with this from December 1.

It has emerged that E-cigarettes have been banned of use to passengers and staff by Transport for London (TfL) across the whole transport network.
They had previously been banned on the Tube but the ban has been extended to all TfL premises.
The ban came into effect in August, but was only confirmed by TfL on Wednesday.
Although e-cigarettes were previously forbidden on the Tube, by changing the “conditions of carriage” it has now been extended to the entire public transport network in London, those of which including on the Tube, trains and buses as well as stations, platforms and depots.

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