The 10 Rules of E-Cig Battery Safety

These 10 rules of e-cig battery safety can make all the difference to any vaper. Following safety guidelines is crucial.

For instance All batteries can explode, and it can happen with electronic cigarette batteries along with many, many other devices, if used incorrectly that is, or buying conterfeits.

Which is a shame, as every single incident we have heard of so far has been very much avoidable by learning sub ohm vaping before you start, or just buying genuine parts, from reputable sellers, which have been quality checked and manufactured correctly. Most people who buy cheap knock-off ecigs will run into issues, and the same goes for people attempting sub ohm vaping without the right tools and knowledge.

Most e-cig users buy from reputable companies and use the stock tank, coils and ecig’s and these people do not get any issues whatsoever. So how can everybody ensure they’re vaping safe and looking after their ecig batteries?

If you follow the correct safety procedures, e-cigarette battery explosions are very, very rare – about 1 in 10 million

To enjoy vaping, follow these 10 rules of e-cig battery safety


1. Use the correct charging equipment as recommended by the supplier.

_0009_ecig charge tips

Even if you are buying genuine ecigarettes, buying third party chargers may end up causing you more problems than you thought. China does not have the stringent electronic and safety regulations that we have in the UK, Europe and the US. If your using a third party charger, ensure it was manufactured here, or at least manufactured to the same quality and testing.

2. Buy from a reputable company.

_0008_buy from genuine sellers

Some companies seem legit, but they are not. Online forums, groups and even our own blog/messages will provide you with extra info if and when you may require it regarding genuine sellers out there that work hard to provide quality safe goods and conform to any TPD legislation. As a general rule, if a bargain looks too good to be true, then I wouldn’t buy it, unless you trust the website/seller.

3. Charge your battery on a hard surface.

_0007_lipo battery safety

This can help a lot. Some people put their ecig on charge and throw it on a chair, carpet or their bed. Soft furnishings will only help warm the device up, especially if this then becomes accidently totally covered by something else. We would even recommend a charge safe bag (an insulated and fireproof bag to charge ecigs, phones, devices).

4. Turn the battery off when its not in use.

_0006_switch ecig off not in use

Most ecigs will turn off themselves, but it is always worth checking the device is off and the LED screen is not on. Sometimes on charge auto shut offs on a few devices might not trigger. This will again stop anything getting warm.

5. Make sure to keep your battery and terminal clean.

_0005_clean ecig battery

Making sure your battery connection points and terminals are clean will help not just with safety, but also the operation of your ecig and also charging efficiency.

6. Do not leave e-cigarettes plugged in overnight or unattended if possible.

_0004_safe ecig charging

When you can charge the ecigs up while you are there. use a usb lead with your computer if your on you laptop, use the charger in the car while your driving, and take the charger with you if you go anywhere. This will ensure you keep an eye on temperatures and also makes sure you do not overcharge you device.

7. Look for the CE mark that indicates chargers comply with European Safety standards.

_0003_ce approved electronics

Many ecigs are manufactured outside of the EU, including fakes of ecigs that are supposed to be European. Ensure you look for the CE mark to indicate this has passed thorough testing.

8. Avoid buying counterfeit or substandard goods.

_0002_buy genuine ecigs

If you havent heard of a seller before, or if the english isn’t translated very well on a company’s web page and they are selling ecigs way cheaper then elsewhere, chances are this is a site selling cheap knock-off clones and unregulated electronic devices.

9. Do not over charge the battery.

_0001_do not overcharge

If your battery reads it is fully charged, even after a small amount of time, remove your ecig from the power source and ensure it is off when you are not using it. Not only increasing the lifespan of the battery, but also ensuring nothing heats up too much.

10. Never expose your battery to extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight.

_0000_keep out of sunlight

Leaving you ecig in the snow, or on a window sill in direct sunlight, will only damage it or at the very least stop it functioning exactly as it should. Be sure to keep the ecigs in a bag or case where possible, and avoid areas of your house that get very warm in direct sunlight.

Using the wrong charging equipment or batteries, especially iPad and iPhone chargers, is the number 1 cause of fires and explosions with devices.

It is vital that you don’t buy cheap e-cigs and chargers from fly-by-night vendors, but that you buy from a shop or company that has invested in quality products, is reputable, and you can take your devices back to them if they are faulty.

If you know of anyone that makes any of these wrong moves then share this post to them as quickly as possible.

Leave any comments below and get in touch if you have queries on the matter, or any other safety tips our readers may benefit from.

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