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The NNA notably Clive Bates and Sarah Jakes have written a joint letter to the right honourable Jeremy Hunt MP in requesting him to move a bill to repeal the European Tobacco Products Directive also known unaffectionately as the TPD. Something possible only due to the recent referendum to exit the EU and take control of our national laws again.

In post Brexit Britain we now have to deal with the EU laws and what gets kept and dropped and the letter states “We recognise that the primary purpose of the Great Repeal Bill to be announced in the 2017 Queen’s speech is to bring most of the body of European Union law into UK law substantively unchanged,” and moving on to say “However, we hope that ministers will consider actually repealing some of the worst examples of European Union Law, especially where a domestic approach would have multiple benefits to health, wellbeing, commerce, personal freedom and competitiveness.”

The letter calls for the recent TPD regulations on eCigarettes to be scrapped which came after a report by Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians last year. We are of course not sure if the bid will be successful but we are happy that people are continuing to fight for what is right and pushing to counter the biased rhetoric coming from Big Tobacco and mislead news outlets and diplomats.