Today’s post is covering lots of weird, wacky and unusual products that have emerged from the world of eCigs and vaping over the past year or so. Some are just plain strange and others are actually quite novel ideas.

Vape Hoodie from Vaprware

Our first product is the Vape Hoodie from Vaprware, a very interesting idea where the drawstring that goes through the hood is the tube for the electronic cigarette. On one end is a mouthpiece that tucks away into the hoodie material and on the other end is the vape pen. Both ends are concealed and you simply take out the mouth piece end from its hole and enjoy.

Here is a humorous video review from YouTube.

Steampunk eCig Mod Costume at VapeBash 3

Have you seen the guy that built a steampunk electronic cigarette outfit that produces clouds? Well now you have!

Terminator Head Modified/MOD eCig

For those Terminator fans this would surely be a firm favourite, if it wasn’t for the fact it looks a little difficult to take out and about with you. A vape that is definitely a cool tribute to the 80’s fandom created from the fantastic sci-fi movie franchise.

Though I don’t remember the robots from SkyNet smoking eCigs when they came back from the future but maybe they had the functionality to vape internally! Who knows!

Vaporcade Jupiter – Android Smartphone eCig

Yes, it is a fully functional android smartphone AND a vape! While this is pretty cool in terms of achievement we are not sure whether people would actually want to switch their favourite smartphone in favour of one that has “Vape Functionality” even if the electronic cigarette attachment can be separated from the phone, with that said we could be wrong!

Guiness Can Mod eCig / Vape

A Mod created by Sin City this Guiness can is a real DIY style eCig for those fans of the dark brew. Sin City can turn pretty much anything you want into an electronic cigarette. While this is more of a showpiece and a bit cumbersome for using all the time it is certainly a conversation starter. Which canned beverage would you choose to convert into a vape?

VapeCube – Nintendo GameCube Inspired Vape / Hookah

A creation from Nebula Vaping who use 3D Printing and some creative magic to create some of the most unique eCig devices you can find on the internet. This mod is built using a real GameCube games console and uses two batteries to allow up to four people to all vape at the same time like when using a hookah or e-hookah thanks to 100amps combined. They also create versions that can be mains powered instead.

Gun Vape / eCig

We have already seen the hoodie ecig possibly the most stealthy vape product to date but now we have the least stealthy eCig! We have already heard of people being shot by the Cops in America for holding an eCig the police mistakenly thought was a gun! Well if they were holding this electronic cigarette then they don’t have much to argue about. The vape you really should only ever use at home.

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