We wanted to wish all of our customers and readers a Happy New Year and offer encouragement to anyone quitting smoking in 2017 as a new years resolution. Every year between 30-40% of those smoking traditional cigarettes commit to quitting in the near year as one of their new year resolutions, and we want to help support those making the leap. Pat yourself on the back. Electronic cigarettes are easily the most enjoyable way to quit smoking cigarettes.

In 2017 we have some changes planned at Vvapour to take things up a level and bring a much wider range of the best eCigs available in the UK and abroad. We have lots more up our sleeves. However, you will have to check back for more about that at a later date.

Last year (2016) was a great year for Vvapour and the eCig & eLiquid business however much like the US Presidential election a lot of fake news had marred the views and opinions of many due to certain pharmaceuticals companies and those involved in big tobacco callously pursuing eCigs through the press. We hope in 2017 more respected health authorities and doctors come forward to put the record straight and some careless journalists in their places.

While the number of smokers continues to drop in the UK, there are still around 10 million adults in the UK who consider themselves as smokers. Despite many attempting to quit each year giving up smoking is still the most commonly broken New Year’s resolution because nicotine is highly addictive.

Why is vaping an easier route to avoiding smoking cigarettes? eCigs are more a promising cessation method because they mimic the traditional habit better than anything else available on the market. eCigs are also at least 95% healthier than smoking according to the Royal College of Physicians & Public Health England.

What Happens when you Quit Smoking?

1) 8 hours after you stop smoking the carbon monoxide levels in your bloodstream fall considerably.

2) 24 hours later the carbon monoxide is completely gone from your body.

3) A week later your sense of smell and taste will improve and enhance in addition to breathing much easier.

4) 4 months in your circulation will be better, and coughing should have decreased with lung function improving.

5) A year after quitting the risk of cardiovascular related illness and heart attack is reduced by half and your bank will be thanking you.

Unfortunately, misinformation is rife and we don’t expect the people behind it to quit anytime soon, no pun intended. We shall continue to be vocal in opposing this pseudo-news and fight for the health of all people addicted to nicotine.

If you have any questions or are unsure where to start then why not contact us and ask us to help guide you through the process of purchasing your first electronic cigarette and help you on the way to a healthier 2017!

Again keep your eye out for big changes at Vvapour.co.uk in 2017.