Apple has decided to ban and block any apps that promote the use of vaping and eCig / electronic cigarettes according to an article published this week by Planet of the Vapes.

So Apple joins the list of tech companies imposing policies that stand in the way of those that want to quit smoking and switch to the much safer alternative of vaping. Google & Facebook both have any PPC policies regarding eCigarettes, but that is a different story this new instance will remove all eCig related apps from the Apple App Store and essentially prevents users of their devices from having access to the information and tools they have become accustomed to using.

This news comes to light after POTV received a notification from Apple to inform them of this policy change and that the policy now extends from tobacco products to also cover nicotine containing products such as eCigarettes. The staff at POTV contacted Apple to discuss the decision and have so far been told that there is nothing they can do and it will affect all new apps and any updates (pretty much rendering current apps as useless too in the near future). These actions are quite hypocritical considering the App Store is rife with alcohol apps and apps that encourage gambling.

What’s next? Will Google’s Android store follow suit and also introduce a similar policy? What does it mean for the world of tech and its influence on the eCig market and freedom of speech! With medical evidence and research reports increasingly supporting the use of eCigs as a healthier alternative to smoking it begs the question, what are Apple’s motives? Did Big Tobacco lobby them quietly behind the scenes? or has the negative press of exploding batteries prompted them to take this course of action? In addition, will the ban extend to eCig calculator apps that help people work out ohm resistance and other useful tools for vapers?

What can we do? If you are an Apple user then write to Apple and tell them you are dissatisfied with the decision and raise your points. If you WORK for Apple and use eCigs do what you can internally to pass information up the channels to those with influence and decision makers (a long shot but worth trying). The problem is that fake news is winning! Everyone has a responsibility to stand up and reject this sort of nonsense by lobbying against it and exposing those behind the mask.

If you want to read more and follow the progress of what is happening head over to the full article on POTV.