Aussie TV Presenter Speaks about being a Criminal for Vaping

aussie-ecig-lawsAustralian Television personality and journalist Joe Hildebrand recently went public about his use of electronic cigarettes to help him quit smoking, an act that effectively makes him a criminal in Australia. Yes in case you weren’t aware eCigs are banned for the most part in Australia with some states allowing the use of eCigs but not their sale or allows the sale of the devices but not the actual nicotine required for them to be of any purpose! Quite perplexing to say the least!

Even writing publically about his use of electronic cigarettes is considered illegal. Hildebrand published his article last week on saying that after smoking for over 20 years he finally decided eCigs were the only option and they worked! Trading a legal but drastically more unhealthy habit for one that is healthier but considered illegal in his country.

“Because here is the thing that will make your blood boil and your lungs burst: In Australia you can walk into any corner store or supermarket and buy a product that will in all probability kill you.” said Hildebrand, adding “And yet it is illegal to purchase a product specifically designed to save you from that death.” – Joe Hildebrand

Dr. Attila Danko a board member at the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) in Australia wrote an article recently on Nicotine Science and Policy and said Hildebrand’s compelling story made a lot of noise and was also retweeted by many other celebrities and influencers. Danko believes this story and others like it are helping to change the general opinion in Australia on the use of vaping as a means of quitting smoking and allowing people to see it as a safe alternative and not something that should be considered a crime.

Hildebrand writes in the The Daily Telegraph, and hosts a daytime tv show Studio 10 and is based in Sydney.

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