As a new series of articles we are going to summarise the weekly vape news for our customers and readers as there is so much to talk about and so little time it seems apt to create a series post to keep everyone up to speed. So here we go…

Russian Vape Expo “Vapexpo Spb”

First, let’s kick off with something fun! Last weekend 2017 was Vapexpo Spb exhibition of the vape industry at Lenexpo where hundreds of Russian eCig enthusiasts were able to try out the latest eLiquids and products available on show. This event is a warm-up event for the main Vapexpo in Russia this summer but the first of its kind to hit St Petersberg which is the second largest City and once Capital of Imperial Russia and still considered the cultural Capital to this day.

The event featured all sorts of crazy models in fantasy attire ranging from Alice in Wonderland to The Mad Hatter & more. They really take the cyberpunk thing seriously over in Russia.

Here is a video from the event.

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Scottish Government Considering New Ad Regulations

Scotland is launching a consultation regarding it’s plans to regulate the advertising of eCigarettes more stringently than the rest of the UK. The SNP (Scotish National Party) are exercising their right to further regulate and make independent rulings on the case of eCig advertising with an aim to restrict them beyond the criteria set out by the EU’s TPD directive. This extends to many advertising formats such as billboards, bus stops, vehicles, posters, leaflets and more and may be a sign of what other countries might do next.

What do you think about this? Are the additional regulations being proposed by the SNP sensible and in line with general thinking? or do these work against the tools trying to help people quit smoking cigarettes? Let us know in the comments.

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Vaping. E-cigarettes, and public policy towards alternatives to smoking

In a report published last month by Dr. Brad Rodu the point was emphasised that

“Policymakers should be mindful of the extensive research that supports tobacco harm reduction and understand that bans, excessive regulations, or high taxes on e-cigarettes could encourage smokers to stay with more harmful traditional cigarettes.”

In the booklet Dr Rodu urges policy makers to rethink their tax and regulation strategy based on decades of evidence of lawmakers and regulators having taxed, banned and strongly regulated smoking in an aim to improve health and that applying similar conditions to a product that is proving the most successful smoking cessation solution in history is not a pragmatic approach.

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NHS Cutbacks Impact

According to an article on PlanetofTheVapes smoking cessation services are facing a battle on two fronts. Firstly the National Health Service is aggressively trying to make budget savings and secondly, there are fewer people coming through the doors in thanks to the rise of the eCig. So what happens when the full impact of TPD comes into effect? What will happen when advertising regulations change private companies abilities to market and advertise thus spreading knowledge and awareness if the NHS also makes cuts at the same time?

CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups) which are made up of 200 or so organisations that deliver different NHS services including smoking cessation are telling general practitioners to stop providing a quit smoking service. This is the result of the responsibility being passed over to local authorities in 2012. Under budget pressures from central government, local authorities are able to independently make decisions about ending or limiting the quit smoking programmes offered in their catchment area.

ASH’s Deborah Arnott said: “We are increasingly concerned that cuts in council spending, NHS cost pressures and a lack of joined-up thinking by central government are combining to block progress on cutting smoking, still the No 1 public health challenge facing the country.”

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