What’s new this week in the world of eCigs? let’s recap what has been happening online and in and around the electronic cigarette industry.

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Experts Critical of Australian Vape Ban

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration is coming under heavy criticism from a number of leading experts including Colin Mendelsohn and 15 others. Mendelsohn and the rest of the body of academics, heath experts and researchers are convinced the only reason for the TGA’s move to ban eCigs outright is based on ideology. “It’s political, it’s emotional, it’s ideological – it’s we’ve always done it this way. They are finding little problems in the research and are basically throwing smokers under the bus.”

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London who has been outspoken over the British Government’s approach to drug addiction says the TGA’s position is “perplexing and disturbing”. He also added: “No explanation for this inexplicable preferential treatment for the cigarette supply chain is offered, and, in our view, no justification is possible. Millions of Europeans report that they have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Why do authorities in Australia wish to deny that option to Australians?”

At Vvapour we think it is important to expose governments and organisations not just at home here in the UK but also all around the world to stand together against the heinous attempts to prohibit the most successful smoking cessation products ever to exist. The TGA is expected to make a final decision on March 23. We hope for the sake of allAustralianss trying to quit smoking that this attempt fails or is reconsidered.

eCigarettes Confirmed to be Reason for Lowest Number of Smokers Ever Recorded in UK

Data released by the Office for National Statistics has shown the number of adult smokers in the United Kingdom to have reduced from 20.1% in 2010 to 17.2% in 2015 which is the lowest it has ever been since records began back in 1974. Scotland observed a 19.1% with Northern Ireland at 19%, Wales at 18.1% and England coming in with the lowest at 16.9% though the rates have been dropping the fastest in Scotland and Wales. It will be interesting to see the data when it is next released to see the difference between 2015 and now as a lot of education surrounding vape / eCigs has taken place in this short time.

The report also shows that about 4% of the population in England, Scotland & Wales used eCigarettes which accounts for 4% of the population, which appears to be a correlation with the % drop in smoking over a similar time period and it goes without saying that during this time the information and adoption of vaping has been plain to see, just go out to any high street in the UK and spend five minutes with your eyes open.

This data also shows that 2.3 million people, about 4% of the population in England, Scotland and Wales used vaping products. With an additional 4 million people saying that they were former vapers, and 2.6 million saying that they had tried the products but never went on to be regular users.

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