This week we have updates on vaping during pregnancy from Professor Linda Bauld, new reports regarding the safety of citric acid as an eLiquid flavouring and New Zealand shows some common sense in a world of confusion in legalizing and giving it’s full backing to electronic cigarettes as harm reduction for smokers.

Pregnancy and Vaping eCigs

Professor Linda Bauld from the University of Stirling in Scotland delivered a webinar for the Smoking in Pregnancy Group which includes her updates on using electronic cigarettes during pregnancy. A Q&A has also held afterwards, along with Public Health England, the Royal College of Midwives & Improving Performance in Practice. In the presentation, Professor Bauld covers some of the work the group has been doing along with the latest evidence regarding electronic cigarettes.

Helping pregnant women to quit smoking is one of the top priorities for the NHS as it is one of the biggest factors in causing problems with the health of the baby and complications during pregnancy and all alternatives are being considered to reduce the risk and improve the health of both expectant mother and baby.

Professor Bauld went on to say “pregnancy provides a unique opportunity for women who smoke to stop and if they can do that successfully, and not relapse after the baby is born, they’re far more likely to remain non-smokers in the long term.”

You can watch the full webinar below and you can also download the PDF here.

Citric Acid Flavourings Controversy

British American Tobacco (BAT) have announced research that would suggest citric acid can be a respiratory sensitizer when inhaled in vapour form from an eCig due to its inclusion in the eLiquid flavourings according to scientists working in their R&D division.

BAT commented: “The use of citric acid in e-liquids needs to be investigated to further understand its potential to form potentially harmful anhydrides in the vapour.”

A respiratory sensitiser can trigger an allergic reaction that can vary from hay fever-like symptoms to anaphylactic shock. This also is worth considering for people who have incorrectly though they were having a reaction to PG or another ingredient when in fact it may be the citric acid. We will be sure to keep you updated on this topic when more research and evidence is presented. BAT pointed out that while citric acid is classified as safe in pharmaceutical inhalation devices, citric acid breaks down at some of the higher end temps achieved by high-end eCigs & Mods between 175-205°C where it can degrade to form citraconic anhydride and isomer itaconic anhydride which can cause a reaction.

New Zealand Legalizes Electronic Cigarettes

New Zealand has made a move completely in contrast to that of the Australian Government in making them legal and giving them their full backing as a smoking cessation method and a method of harm reduction. This is great news for our Kiwi friends who are trying to kick the habit and adopt the best technology has to offer in helping them quit. Products are expected to be available sometime next year and will be exempt from high taxes and plain packaging regulations that apply to Tobacco products.

Nicky Wagner, the Associate Health Minister said “Around the world we can’t get clear research about this. But what we’re thinking is they are about 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes.” Which is in line with what most reputable scientific reports are demonsrating.