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Vape Weekly News: US Navy Bans eCigs,

Welcome back Vapers! Another week has passed and it’s time for the vape news of the week.

US Navy Ban eCigs Onboard

This week it was announced the US Navy is to ban all eCigs from their ships as a safety precaution and the ban will effect all Navy aircraft, heavy equipment and vessels, that includes submarines, boats and other types of craft. Wow quite a dent to the hopes of those in the US Navy hoping to quit smoking.

The Navy has been working to ban electronic smoking devices for some time and as of May 14th 2017 these new regulations will come into effect. This is a real shame for those in the military who are trying to avoid traditional cigarette smoking. We hope they decide to lobby and petition against the ban and try and keep their right to vape.

eCig Regulations Found to Impact Smoking Cessation Effectiveness

Research data released in the past week showed the distinct difference between countries with sterner eCig regulations to those with a more relaxed approach.

The data published earlier this week in the journal “Nicotine & Tobacco Research” shows that in the US & UK where regulations have been much more relaxed over the past few years 73% quit successfully compared with 32% in Canada and Australia. The research looked at data from between 2010 and 2014 when both the UK & US has notable softer laws and regulations surrounding the products.

“The benefits of ECs for smoking cessation may be limited to those who reside in an environment where there are few restrictions on the retail sale and marketing of ECs.” said Dr. Hua-Hie Yong, the author of Cancer Council Victoria.

Since 2014 the US has announced much stronger regulations, Australia has completely banned them and the UK is continuing to be one of the most forward thinking and sensible, leading the way for other countries to follow suit as more people are endorsing electronic cigarettes as a form of smoking cessation leading the lowest number of smokers ever recorded nationwide. We still have a fight on our hands here in the U.K but it is a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are compared with some countries.