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It’s not been a happy time for vape magazine Vapouround recently with last week’s burglaryand now facing a legal fight to keep its name.

The company has created a petition for people to sign in a bid to boycott Vaping Doctor – Spain and other businesses owned by the couple allegedly claiming the Vapouround name.

The lawsuit stems from a business partnership with a Spanish couple ‘gone bad’ as Vapouround owner and MD Paul Caplin explains:

We entered into a partnership this time last year with a couple in Spain who wanted to work with us, and begin a Spanish language magazine as part of the Vapouround brand, which we did. Unfortunately, they turned out to only want one thing – our money.

This pair signed a contract acknowledging Mr Paul Caplin as the owner of the Vapouround brand and associated brands, which we have recorded.

Shortly after the relationship brokedown, this pair sneakily and maliciously registered our brand name as their own in Spain in bad faith and it has come from a reliable source that they wanted to do this in order to sue Vapouround for money, when we use our name in Spain.

This is being handled by our lawyers in Spain, however the Spanish legal system is slow. In the meantime, we are now calling on our friends and customers to support Vapouround by signing this petition to boycott Vaping Doctor Spain, Pablo Arranz and Maria Goñi and any titles under their name, as we are now engaged in legal proceedings against them in Spain.

Paul says his magazine owns the right to the Vaporound name across Europe and has the EUIPO trademark for all EU countries including Spain