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Thank goodness Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England is retiring in a few months time because we don’t need her blinkered thinking here!

The lady was speaking to the House of Commons Science and Technology – a great supporter of vaping – in a session where politicians were drilling down on her work.

Asked by Stephen Metcalfe MP on her thoughts about vaping and if the NHS should be using them as a quit smoking tool, the Dame went for her 15 minutes of fame and seemed completely out of step with the majority of the UK’s health organizations:

They [ecigs] are clearly much safer than tobacco smoking and they have become a much-liked way of stopping smoking. I’m quite relaxed about that. 

If they help people stop, they’re so much safer, I’d encourage them to use them.

Nothing wrong with that you might think, however she let her personal opinions slip in and as you can imagine this has been gleefully latched onto by the small but vocal anti-vape crowd of the UK.

The dame said:

I would have them not smoked in public places. 

I hate it when I walk past someone and they waft vapour over me.

First up it’s vaping and not smoking and secondly, I doubt anyone ‘wafts’ vapour at bypassers lol. 

And thirdly and as the Chief Medical Officer should know – there’s no evidence of any harm from passive smoking.

Dame Davies leaves her post in October…thankfully.