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Vapouround Puts Up A Fight

It’s not been a happy time for vape magazine Vapouround recently with last week’s burglaryand now facing a legal fight to keep its name. The company has created a petition for people to sign in a bid to boycott Vaping Doctor – Spain and other businesses owned by the couple allegedly claiming the Vapouround name. The […]

World No Tobacco Day Ignores E-cigarettes…Again

Despite countless peer-reviewed scientific studies the World Health Organization still refuses to recognize vaping as a much healthier alternative to smoking. May 31st sees yet another World No Tobacco Day and once again and despite this year’s theme being Tobacco and Lung Health, there’s no mention whatsoever of the benefits of making the switch. As […]

US Schools to ‘Treat’ Pupils Caught Vaping

US Schools To Offer ‘Treatment’ Rather Than Punishment For Vapers After spotting a few what he described as students in ‘peak physical fitness’ vaping at his school a headteacher has decided to tackle the issue with treatment rather than punishment. Whilst this again seems like painting ‘Vape’ and ‘Vape Products’ as the consumate enemy, the […]

Pharmacies and Ecigs

SHOULD PHARMACIES SELL E-CIGARETTES? April 25th 2019 In the UK, many pharmacies sell e-cigarettes, with various health organisations recommending vaping as a stop smoking tool. However, in the USA attitudes can vary and one pharmacy chain has taken drastic measures.  RITE AID PHARMACY STOPS SELLING VAPING PRODUCTS US pharmacy giant, Rite Aid has recently stopped […]

Headline ‘Vaping may cause Cancer’ is very misleading

What did the study do? Researchers from New York University School of Medicine looked at how e-cigarette vapour affected the DNA of mice, and human cells in a dish. They didn’t look at how it affected people. And they didn’t directly compare it to smoking. The researchers focused on how components of e-cig vapour damage […]

Vaping Parents Genuine About Qutting Smoking

A recent study by researchers from MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC), has indicated that parents who use both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes may be more receptive to smoking cessation interventions than parents who use cigarettes only, as most start using e-cigarettes with the intention of quitting smoking. “Our findings suggest that smoking parents who start using e-cigarettes […]

UK Vaping & Tax Laws

In the last few days, reports suggest that a tax on vaping products is being proposed. Supposedly, this initiative is to increase this year’s autumn budget by £40million and help fund the extra £20billion which has been pledged to the NHS. Most tax increases are met with their fair deal of criticism but this vape […]

How do you use a Vape?

How to Use a Vape

A basic question we admit, but a prudent one to ask. Vaping is a replacement for smoking, and a modern device can put out an impressive cloud, but it’s not smoke. Smoke is what you get when you burn something, and in an e-cigarette nothing is burning. Instead, what’s happening is that the liquid is being evaporated and turned into a cloud of tiny droplets; that’s what gets inhaled.