Optimizing Your Vape Tempuratures for Liquids & Concentrates

Many vapers enjoy using devices that give them the most control over the unit’s performance. Included in this is temperature control. While some vapes come programmed with pre-set temperatures, some give users the ability to pick an exact degree from a wide range. This allows the vaper to customize their vaping experience to their liking. […]

Taking vaping to the Billboards of London

Imperial Brands’ blu vaping device has hit billboards and bus stops in London as the brand hopes to encourage city smokers to make the switch. The new marketing campaign kicked off on June 3rd and features colourful, graphic animations and catchy straplines such as “I blu, do you?” and “you blu too?” The marketing company […]

Chief Medical Officer… Does she even do research??

Thank goodness Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England is retiring in a few months time because we don’t need her blinkered thinking here! The lady was speaking to the House of Commons Science and Technology – a great supporter of vaping – in a session where politicians were drilling down on her work. Asked […]

C,mon Thailand!

Smoking Rates In Thailand Soar Despite a tough stance by the Government, the number of smokers in Thailand is on the increase. With over 70,000 deaths from smoking-related diseases each year, the country is in the midst of a lit tobacco crisis according to the World Health Organization, this despite huge rises in tax and […]

Vapouround Puts Up A Fight

It’s not been a happy time for vape magazine Vapouround recently with last week’s burglaryand now facing a legal fight to keep its name. The company has created a petition for people to sign in a bid to boycott Vaping Doctor – Spain and other businesses owned by the couple allegedly claiming the Vapouround name. The […]

World No Tobacco Day Ignores E-cigarettes…Again

Despite countless peer-reviewed scientific studies the World Health Organization still refuses to recognize vaping as a much healthier alternative to smoking. May 31st sees yet another World No Tobacco Day and once again and despite this year’s theme being Tobacco and Lung Health, there’s no mention whatsoever of the benefits of making the switch. As […]

US Schools to ‘Treat’ Pupils Caught Vaping

US Schools To Offer ‘Treatment’ Rather Than Punishment For Vapers After spotting a few what he described as students in ‘peak physical fitness’ vaping at his school a headteacher has decided to tackle the issue with treatment rather than punishment. Whilst this again seems like painting ‘Vape’ and ‘Vape Products’ as the consumate enemy, the […]