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IO Echo, have released a free mixtape called I’ve Been Vaping Your Tears

IO Echo, a band from America who have previously opened gigs for Nine Inch Nails, played at Coachella and Lollapalooza and have also toured with Garbage, have released a free small mixtape titled ‘I’ve Been Vaping Your Tears’. The 4-song mixtape features a cover of Mariah Carey’s song “Heartbreaker”, two versions of a song titled […]

Will Cannabis Vaping Be Legalised In The UK?

eCigarettes and eliquids containing cannabis may go on sale in the Uk BEFORE CHRISTMAS! But how is vaping cannabis legal in the UK? Vaping THC found in cannabis is still illegal, nothing has changed there. However an eliquid has been developed in France which contains hemp, and has been legalised for use in France for […]

How Much Money Are You Saving Vaping?

Is quitting smoking going well for you? [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”6″] By now you probably haven’t smoked a regular cigarette for a while, and good for you! No doubt you are already noticing health improvements, smelling better and saving money while your enjoying vaping. But how much money are you actually saving vaping? Within the savings form […]