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Smokes on a Plane. eCigarette Burns Through luggage!

Should we be taking our eCigarettes on holiday? eCigarettes have become very popular in recent months, and more and more people are taking the devices on holiday with them, and why not. Relaxing on the beach vaping away the sunshine! Sounds great. But they can be dangerous if you buy counterfeit and poor quality products […]

Welsh Council Bans eLiquid and eCigarette use

Monmouthshire council in Wales have banned all ecig products in and outside the premises after welsh councillors voted on the ban, and voted surprisingly in favour of the proposal. Monmouthshire councillors took there lead from Caerphilly County Borough Council who have also banned ecigs in and around there councils headquarters. The new rules on ecig […]

Wireless Bluetooth e-Cigarettes

New Wireless Bluetooth e-Cigarettes – technology has now been introduced into the world of ecigarettes and eliquids. Many technologies have already made their way into e-cigs including LCD screens, variable volt and watt, and even wireless charging technology that eliminates the need for wall or usb chargers. We even speculated on possible future ecigarettes here […]

E-cigarettes could be prescribed by NHS as study finds again that they help smokers quit

Yet another study that shows how effective e-cigarettes can be. UCL researches carried out the studies on a whopping 6000 quitters, and found that e-cigarettes and e-liquids are considerably more effective for quitting smoking than pharmacy counter treatments like nicotine gum and nicotine patches. Some people worry that maybe e-cigarettes are re-normalising smoking, or making […]

eCig Users Tripled Since 2012

There are around 2 million ecig users currently in the United Kingdom and this is constantly increasing as more people quit smoking traditional cigarettes for the health benefits that electronic cigarettes provide. The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) charity found that eCig users have tripled since 2012 from 700k to 2 million in 2014. […]

Scientists backing the progress of eCigs.

Many leading scientists have appealed to world health bosses not to over regulate ecigs. Fifty three experts from fifteen different countries including the United Kingdom wrote a letter to the World Health Orginisation to urge them not to “control and suppress” the popular nicotine devices, stating they have the potential to save millions of lives. […]

Celebrities Smoking eCig Electronic Cigarettes

Many celebrities have now been spotted using e-Cigarettes out and about. Some sporting compact cigarette style e-Cigs and others using e-liquid. After senators slammed leonardo Di Caprio last week at the golden globes, we wondered how many celebrities were out there vaping e-Cigs. Vaping celebrities include Johhny Depp, who has being seen often sporting e-Cigarettes, […]

American Senators Slam Leonardo Di Caprio for smoking e-Cigarettes

Four Senators of the Democratic Party have written complaints to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association slamming them on the use of electronic cigarettes at the Golden Globes. Leonardo Di Caprio, along with Julia Dreyfuss, were using their e-Cigarettes while the camera was focussed on them during the Golden Globe Awards. Innocent enough you would think, […]