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Modern Prison in America Opens An e-Cigarette Shop For Convicts!

Russell County Jail in Phenix City, Alabama sells inmates e-cigarettes and e-Liquids, in the hope of keeping the jail peaceful and quiet without the need to smoke regular cigarettes. The article can be read at wrbl news here. The e-Cigarettes started sales inside the big house earlier in the month and freely available from $18. […]

History of the e-Cigarette and e-Liquids

Where did e-cigarettes begin? The modern e-cigarette was invented by chinese chemist Hon Lik. In 2003, his idea was making use of piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element, using it to vapourise liquid containing nicotine, saturated with propylene glycol (PG). This modern e-cigarette produced a vapour similar to smoke, that can then be inhaled for a quick, cleaner […]

BBC Reports e-Cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches

The findings, presented at the European Respiratory Society and reported by James Gallager at the BBC here, showed similar numbers completely quitting with e-cigarettes as patches, but more had cut down using e-cigarettes by a long way. UPDATE: BBC have since reported further, along with the UK government, that tobacco products are at least 95% […]

The Birth of our Website

Welcome to Vvapours new website! The ever expanding e-Cigarette and e-Liquid specialist. We now have many ecig shops in Birmingham, Liverpool, Norfolk, Edinburgh and Derby just to name a few. To find a Vvapour store near you, or to see store details and pictures, please visit our Store Locator page. We have more vape shops […]