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Aussie TV Presenter Speaks about being a Criminal for Vaping

Australian Television personality and journalist Joe Hildebrand recently went public about his use of electronic cigarettes to help him quit smoking, an act that effectively makes him a criminal in Australia. Yes in case you weren’t aware eCigs are banned for the most part in Australia with some states allowing the use of eCigs but […]

Cloud Chasing Tips And Tricks To Get Huge Clouds When Vaping

How To Get Huge Clouds When Vaping What is Cloud Chasing Cloud chasing is blowing the biggest vaping cloud around. Many vapours constantly work and change their mods and atomisers as it isn’t just a hobby for them, it’s kind of a sport. Competitions actually happen all around the country where vapours who can blow […]

70 Percent of European Vapers Have Quit/Reduced Smoking

More Positive Results From Vaping Another study carried out in europe shows 70 percent of European vapers have quit or majorly reduced smoking cigarettes thanks to our ecig devices. Not a surprise to us vaping enthusiasts out there, but smokers who still cling to their cigarettes may want to know that many studies, government officials […]