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Vape Tanks and RDA’s

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our hardware has been removed from the site to make way for TPD (tobacco products directive) legislation 🙁 . In the upcoming weeks our stock will be totally replaced with new tech, out with the old and in with the new, so watch this space for the latest TPD compliant ecigarettes, tanks, liquids and more.

Vape Tanks and RDA’s available from Vvapour. For newcomers to ecigarettes, vape tanks hold an amount of eliquid in a chamber which only needs to be refilled when empty. RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomisers) require you to place a few drips of ejuice within the atomiser every few vapes and create your own coils. If you are a beginner tanks are definitely more suited to you. These hold plenty of eliquid and come with pre-built coils. Just install on your devices and start vaping. Our RDA’s (or drippers) are for more advanced users who understand how to properly build their own coils and know what hardware to use.

New TPD compliant products coming soon!!!

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