Monthly Archives: November 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 Controversial e-Cigarette Parody

Deep into games of GTA 5 gamers have been hearing a commercial on the in-game radio for a product that makes light of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and drugs!!!, ‘The Electrotoke System’, the e-cigarette based toking device. The controversial fake radio commercial (found in the video above and in-game on rebel radio on grand theft auto v) […]

OMG! £550,000 e-Cigarette encrusted with Diamonds hand crafted for Russian Tycoon

Here is the worlds most expensive diamond e-Cigarette. Coming with a price tag of over £550,000 it isn’t exactly an e-Cig product for the average vaping customer. It was a custom build, delicately hand crafted from 46 yellow tinted, superb quality Swarovski crystals and boasting a 6 carat ellipse diamond worth £46,000 on the tip […]

e-Cigarettes now surpass $1 billion annual sales

Reports worldwide from many retails confirm that e-cigarette sales have now been increased to an annual sum of over $1 billion. Over 1 billion e-cigarette units have now been sold worldwide, despite some governments in the U.S banning liquids containing nicotine, reported by forbes here. Already in 2013 sales have exceeded predictions and smart investors […]