Headline ‘Vaping may cause Cancer’ is very misleading

What did the study do? Researchers from New York University School of Medicine looked at how e-cigarette vapour affected the DNA of mice, and human cells in a dish. They didn’t look at how it affected people. And they didn’t directly compare it to smoking. The researchers focused on how components of e-cig vapour damage […]

Vaping Parents Genuine About Qutting Smoking

A recent study by researchers from MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC), has indicated that parents who use both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes may be more receptive to smoking cessation interventions than parents who use cigarettes only, as most start using e-cigarettes with the intention of quitting smoking. “Our findings suggest that smoking parents who start using e-cigarettes […]

Vape Kit 2019.. What’s New And What is Popular

Is vaping bad for you? Well, it’s certainly not as bad for you as smoking and that’s why we have this guide to the best vapes. We don’t exactly endorse vape pens, but hey, you have the right to choose what you suck on, within the law. These, then, are the best vape pens and […]

Hong Kong Risks Huge British Tourism Losses with Vaping Ban

As many as 35,000 visiting British vapers yearly would be at risk of facing legal sanctions if the Hong Kong government bans possession of vaping products — or of cancelling plans to travel to the city at all. According to the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), 570,000 U.K. residents visited Hong Kong last year, and about […]


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