Frequently Asked Questions – eCigs, eliquids, mods and more

So what are the benefits of using e-cigarettes and e-liquids?

No harmful second hand smoke is emitted vaping so it’s much more socially friendly. Pubs and other establishments are starting to allow eCigs within there premises also as vaping with eliquids is completely legal in bars restaurants casinos and most places where the smoking ban is in place. People are SAVING UP TO 80% on their smoking budget. There is no disgusting odour or ashtrays lying around so there’s no bad smell on your clothes and no bad breath, no ash or yellow fingers, better health, and much much more. For more information visit Vvapours about ecigarettes page or contact Vvapour. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is the watery solution that is used for the electronic cigarettes to produce the vapour, flavour and nicotine hit you require. Vvapour stock many, many different flavours of liquids and mg strengths. The base of an e-liquid is made from a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerine (VG), water soluble natural and artificial flavouring ingredients are added to the liquid to create the variety of e-liquid flavours we offer. Some e-liquids also contain a small amount of food grade alcohol, and distilled water. Vvapour offer many concentrations of nicotine in our e-liquids including 0mg and also different levels of flavourings, mixers, VG and PG.

What is Propylene Glycol that is found in e-liquids?

It’s used in many food products as a flavouring carrier and is non-toxic. This produces the amazing effect at the back of your throat giving the inhale feel or ‘throat hit’ of a normal tobacco cigarette that has become a needed habit for smokers, helping with the transition from smoking to vaping with electronic Cigarettes. Some people need to read into the ingredients as might be allergic or may be intolerant to propylene glycol. The normal indications of this are very hot, tingly feeling or a swelling, burning sensation in your mouth or tongue. These are very rare and very uncommon but if you display symptoms contact a doctor.

What is Vegetable Glycerin that is found in e-liquids?

Vegetable Glycerin is smoother when inhaled as vape than propylene glycol. When used on its own in e-liquids, Vegetable Glycerin is very thick, and often difficult to absorb into the eCig / Electronic Cigarette cartridge or cartomiser. As with Propylene Glycol some people might be allergic to Vegetable Glycerin or flavouring ingredients of e-liquids, this may include heavy feeling of phlegm, or liquid build up in your lungs, or irritation in your throat, lungs or mouth. These again are very uncommon and very rare but if symptoms occur consult a doctor.

How do I fill these tanks and cartomisers on my eCig?

Depending on the vapouriser tank or eCig device you have, electronic cigarettes tanks are simple to fill with e-liquid and easy enough to clean and maintain your eCig. Each will have a screw in seal top cap. Simply remove the cap or screw fitting, get your chosen Vvapour e-liquid and tilt at a 45 degree angle. Proceed to drip your e-liquid slowly and carefully so you don’t overflow the eCig, then put the screw fix or cap back in.

Why can I sometimes taste burning when inhaling my Electronic Cigarette?

This happens when e-liquid enters the airflow tube in the middle of your eCig. When this happens you should empty out your eCig, rinse with hot water from the bottom end (where the battery goes) then blow down the middle like a whistle and this should get rid of any excess e-liquid. Then simply leave your eCig to dry, making sure it’s dry before you use you eCig again. You can also try dry burning the electronic cigarette which is just basically connecting your tank to your battery and pressing the power button on the eCigs for a few seconds. You can also get a burning taste when the wick or coil in the electronic cigarette has come to the end of it’s life, which happens after long use. e-liquids do mature with age and taste differently which might taste strange, can normally tell if your e-liquid has gone a different colour.

How do I charge my Vvapour electronic cigarette?

eCigs are simple to charge and use. All you do is disconnect the bottom half (battery) from your top half (tank) by unscrewing the eCig battery anti-clockwise and screwing it into the charger. Some electronic cigarettes will have a wall charger, other eCigs will charge via a usb port whether it be your car, TV or laptop. Leave for 2-3 hours until the charging light changes from red to green, then disconnect your eCigs and vape away.

Which eCig should I purchase?

Vvapour like to recommend first time eCig buyers to buy either of our starter kits. Either the single electronic cigarette starter kit, that is fully customisable, or a double pack containing two clearomisers (e-liquid tanks), and two flavours of e-liquids.
If you have used eCigs before and you are confident with using them, maybe the vision spinner battery with variable voltage along with the genuine kanger tech mini pro tank.

Can Vvapour and electronic cigarettes actually help me stop smoking?

We are not just here to make a profit, we are available to phone or e-mail 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday for free advice, tips and newest news. All of us here use electronic cigarettes and they have helped us all stop smoking. We can pass this knowledge and experience to you. For an impartial study on quitting smoking with eCigs visit the BBC electronic cigarette report here.

Are eCigarettes going to be banned across the UK and Europe?

Nobody knows if they are eventually getting banned, but what we do know is by 2016 tobacco and eCigarettes will have strict regulations. This may be good thing or a bad thing depending on how strict the politicians make the regulations. Some regulations do need to be introduced so eCigarettes are safe and approved for the user. eLiquids need to be controlled so they are safe and know what you are buying. Children need to be kept away from eCigarettes and they should not be used to start people vaping. eCigs should be aimed at a smoking prevention not getting new users addicted to nicotine. For non smokers who still want to vape we highly recommend nicotine free eLiquid. At present Vvapour ensure all our products are safe and only buy well reviewed, high quality products. The 2016 regulations have the potential to destroy eCigarettes if they are too strict though. In fact other countries, such as West Australia, have banned all eCigarettes and eLiquids, even with no nicotine. An Australian man was actually fined for selling nicotine free eLiquid. many ex-smokers there have now gone back to regular cigarettes. Also if the restrictions on eCigs are too severe, the smaller locally owned business will not be able to afford to keep competitive to the larger tobacco corporations.

Are portable vapourisers safe?

All Vvapours eCigarettes are safe and tested but some cheaper, Chinese counterfeits sold by other vendors have the potential to be dangerous. Batteries have been known to explode when charging with the power button pressed down. say if you plugged the eCig on charge and it fell in a way to keep the button suppressed, that can be very dangerous and cause a fire. All Vvapours eCigs however have a safety cut off switch so when the power button is held down it will only operate for a few seconds, then cut off until you release and press the button again.

What is the difference between an eCig and a MOD?

In simple terms a standard eCig has a fixed battery and a single power button. curcuitry limits the power the provide the same vape every time. Mods have no circuitry and have a coil fixed straight to the replaceable battery. for more information on the differences between eCigs and Mods read our full article here. This article will breakdown all the differences between ecigs, vv mods and mech mods.

What is a coil and why do I have to make one to use my eCig mod?

eCigarette Mods usually require maintenance and extras to operate. Many are not much more complicated than battery casings. Mods can require a vape tank, a battery, a coil/wick, and eLiquid before you can operate the device. Other Mods come with RDA’s or ‘drippers’ for short. This means rebuildable dripping atomizer. These RDA’s require you to make your own coil from usually kathal wire and ni-chrome wool. Youtube is a great resource for building coils, or if you live near the Birmingham area we offer re-coiling on a saturday morning at our Kingstanding eCig Store. Re-coiling is fairly simple though and running through it just a couple of times will clear any confusion.

What’s the difference between an atomizer and a clearomizer?

Clearomizers are also atomizers, only clearomizers are transparent so you can see how much eLiquid you still have left within your vape tank. Atomizer is the word given to any vape tank, and refers to the element inside the tank that carries the charge of the battery.

Which nicotine strength eLiquid would be correct for me?

If you do not/ or have not smoked before but still want to vape, buy nicotine free eLiquid as you do not want to get addicted to nicotine if you are not already. Its highly toxic, harmful and highly addictive. If you are a light smoker its advisable to get low nicotine level eLiquid, and where possible get a high VG. As this will be smoother and lighter. If you were a heavy smoker previously and want to quit then a high nicotine eLiquid will be required to keep you off your ciggies, and a high/medium amount of PG as the PG gives you the throat hit like a cigarette. PG does seem to carry some flavours better than VG though so if you crave intense flavour maybe an even amount of PG and VG will suit you. To create the exact eLiquid you want, please visit our CREATE YOUR OWN ELIQUID page and start getting creative.

What’s the difference between eLiquid, eJuice and Nicotine Liquid?

eLiquid, eJuice and Nicotine liquid are exactly the same thing, people just refer to them with different names. However nicotine liquid can be 100% nicotine solution, used for making eLiquid, but not actually eLiquid itself, just pure nicotine. Some people will often, wrongly refer to eLiquid as nicotine liquid.

Do you ship to the USA?

No we do not ship liquids to the USA due the differing laws between the US and Europe/UK. Our advice also would be to visit our store locator page here

What is Steeping eLiquid?

eLiquid contains many ingredients blended together. Even though Vvapour and Vjuice vibrate the liquid after blending to “quick-steep” the juices, some flavours may taste bitter if you do not take the time to steep the fresh eLiquid. To put simply the juice needs time to settle and blend together, in a dark room, especially with no sunlight. We understand that you want a quick delivery on these juices, but please take your time afterwards for the best results. Good things come to those who wait! The main flavours that are effected are custard and cake flavours, but we advise you to steep all mix your own eliquid for a week at least, or two weeks if you can wait that long. 🙂

How long is Delivery Usually?

We try and despatch orders immediately but expect delivery in 5-8 days. With 1700 flavours/combinations of eliquid we cannot stock them all at our main despatch. If you have not received your order within 9 days please get in touch.

Do you offer testers of eLiquid?

We do not offer testers of eLiquid online. However our stores are located across the country and testers are down to the manager’s discretion but most will accommodate your request. Our advice would be to visit our store locator page here, find your store and ring the direct phone number.

We do not offer testers of eLiquid online. However our stores are located across the country and testers are down to the manager’s discretion but most will accommodate your request. Our advice would be to visit our store locator page here, find your store and ring the direct phone number.