Monthly Archives: January 2014

Celebrities Smoking eCig Electronic Cigarettes

Many celebrities have now been spotted using e-Cigarettes out and about. Some sporting compact cigarette style e-Cigs and others using e-liquid. After senators slammed leonardo Di Caprio last week at the golden globes, we wondered how many celebrities were out there vaping e-Cigs. Vaping celebrities include Johhny Depp, who has being seen often sporting e-Cigarettes, […]

American Senators Slam Leonardo Di Caprio for smoking e-Cigarettes

Four Senators of the Democratic Party have written complaints to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association slamming them on the use of electronic cigarettes at the Golden Globes. Leonardo Di Caprio, along with Julia Dreyfuss, were using their e-Cigarettes while the camera was focussed on them during the Golden Globe Awards. Innocent enough you would think, […]

Happy New Year

Happy new year from the Vvapour Team! We hope you have recovered from the Christmas and New Years celebrations and excited about a new smoke free year! We have had a very busy Christmas and want to thank all of our customers for their business. We have recently became sponsors for Birmingham Vapers UK which […]