Monthly Archives: August 2014

Smokes on a Plane. eCigarette Burns Through luggage!

Should we be taking our eCigarettes on holiday? eCigarettes have become very popular in recent months, and more and more people are taking the devices on holiday with them, and why not. Relaxing on the beach vaping away the sunshine! Sounds great. But they can be dangerous if you buy counterfeit and poor quality products […]

What is the difference between a Mod and an Ecig?

Many people out there are new to the vape world and some terminology within the industry confuses people. The main question that comes up with Vvapour customers is ‘what is the difference between a mod and an eCig?’. There is a lot of difference between these and it is not usually clear which would be […]

Welsh Council Bans eLiquid and eCigarette use

Monmouthshire council in Wales have banned all ecig products in and outside the premises after welsh councillors voted on the ban, and voted surprisingly in favour of the proposal. Monmouthshire councillors took there lead from Caerphilly County Borough Council who have also banned ecigs in and around there councils headquarters. The new rules on ecig […]