Many people out there are new to the vape world and some terminology within the industry confuses people. The main question that comes up with Vvapour customers is ‘what is the difference between a mod and an eCig?’. There is a lot of difference between these and it is not usually clear which would be the best for you. Some eCigs suit the small user that doesn’t want to fuss, they want to buy it, push a button and vape, no more hassle than that. These are the standard eCigs which require no set up. Other vape users vape often and want to adjust the power between different eLiquids, so a variable volt mod eCig is usually the way to go. Mech Mods are for the vape enthusiast who change devices often and knows the industry, they swap parts between devices they own and make there own coils that they apply eLiquid too. The mech mods require some time and effort to set up, and parts are sold separately usually, but that set up allows for complete customisation and last for a long time. The article below should clear any confusion that some people may have and hopefully inform you enough to make a decision on which you would prefer to buy.

The Standard eCig

Standard eCigs are the devices you usually see at small newsagents. They are used by light smokers and beginners as they cost very little and are very simple to use. Usually constructed in a slim profile with a large main power button on the battery case along with a matching vape tank to put your eLiquid in to (usually called a clearomiser). Standard electronic cigaretttes are constructed with a fixed battery which cannot be replaced on some, circuit boards to limit the voltage and a pre-installed wick. The clearomiser on low end models are usually made from plastic and cost very little to replace the whole unit, however some clearomisers will allow you to change just the wick. Some strong juices may corrode plastic clearomisers so always read the information supplied with your eLiquid. To refill standard eCig devices usually involves unscrewing the clearomiser, turning upside down and filling with the required amount of eLiquid. The eCig itself operates with the single power button, press five times to activate and press whenever you want to vape. Simply press the power button five times again to switch off. The standard eCigs cut off while vaping after a few seconds as a safety feature. If it was in your pocket and the power button presses, it will not stay connected and cause a fire. The standard eCig is also widely available with a choice of colours and the battery is fixed within the device. A USB port allows you to charge the device from any USB socket and with a mains adapter. Click here to see a standard eCigarette.

The Variable Volt Mod eCig (VV Mod)

The Variable Volt mod eCig, sometimes referred to as a VV Mod, is as the name suggests. It allows the user to adjust the voltage or wattage the devices outputs, allowing more or less vapour to be produced. Great for people who want a constant vape, be it large or small. Some eLiquids will vape a lot faster than others so these variable volt eCigs are great at quickly changing the settings when you change eLiquids. The Variable Volt Mods cost a little more than standard eCigs but the battery inside is usually replaceable, allowing you to charge a spare when your out and about and replace if the battery gets overused. Variable Volt eCig Mods can be classed as standard eCigs by some vendors. The VV Mod electronic cigarettes still features circuitry but with variable resistors. Some have a modern LCD screen with simple digital buttons to scroll through the menus, others have a few buttons to adjust the voltage, and others like the vision spinner 2 has a wheel concealed at the base which rotates to select your required wattage. Usually comes with a battery and clearomiser / atomiser and are very popular amongst beginners and regular users.

The Mechanical Mod eCig

Mechanical Mods eCigarettes are favoured by the vape enthusiast. People who use there eCigarettes a lot and have a passion for the vape world. There is no circuitry within a mech mod, the battery just connects straight to the coil. It’s worth mentioning at this point that two small batteries can sometimes fit in a large battery case. DO NOT do this. There is no circuitry limiting the power output, so two batteries will double the output. This can be dangerous and/or ruin your eCigarette. So do not stack batteries like this and follow all safety guidelines supplied with the device. Mechanical Mods can come without batteries or vape tanks so extra items will need to be purchased to use the device, unless you own batteries and vape tanks already (vape tank is a collective term meaning clearomiser or atomiser). Mechanical Mod eCigarettes are the higher end devices and prices can vary extremely between different eCig brands. The wicks or coils are made by the user with wire and wool. User made coils vary so youtube may be a good reference point when creating your own coil. These can put out a lot of vapour and people, known as cloud chasers, create coils to vape lots of eLiquid at once, creating a big vape cloud. The vape tanks are usually drippers, meaning you just use the eLiquid dropper bottle to apply a few drops of eLiquid to the coil inside when using. Vvapours mech mods and vape tanks are available here.