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While on youtube, looking at large vape clouds, we came across this guy, BigMikeTheHillGiant. For some unknown reason he decides to see what it would be like to vape on 400watts! I don’t think we will find a larger vape cloud than this. WARNING: Do not try this at home! (not that you would).

It is not advisable to use a fog machine as a vapouriser, obviously. A standard eCig runs about 2-8 volts, this is a whopping 100 times more than that. Using a 400 watt fog machine as an electronic cigarette was done for entertainment/humor purposes only.

The original creator of the video states he used VG only and Nicotine-free eLiquid.

Fog machines work and operate in very similar ways to eCigarettes. The fog is created by pouring ‘fog juice’ in the machine, which then vapourises to produce fog. Fog juice in this instance has been replaced by a HUGE amount of eLiquid.