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Meet Juicy Lucy, The Vvapour Mascot!

Meet Juicy Lucy, The Vvapour mascot. Juicy Lucy is a bearded dragon who lives down the Kingstanding Vvapour vape shop and is very friendly. Pogona’s are a type of reptile containing eight lizard species, which are more commonly referred to as bearded dragons. Juicy Lucy is 12 months old and from Birmingham, but her ancestors […]

Why Buy Vjuice UK E-liquids?

There are many e-Liquids on the market today, so we ask ourselves the question, Why buy Vjuice UK E-liquids? Why Buy Vjuice UK E-liquids from Vvapour? Vjuice eLiquid care about the quality of the juices they create. Buying only from reputable UK companies, all ingredients are certified with no GM and natural and all nicotine […]

How To Swirl Paint Your Mod

Borax method How To Swirl Paint Your Mod – Borax Method Shopping List borax or borax substitute oil based hard wearing enamel colour paint several dropper pipettes flat matte primer spray (not gloss) automotive aerosol clear coat a dismantled mod (See manufacturers guides to disassemble your mod fully) waterproof painters tape to mask stir stick […]