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Borax method

How To Swirl Paint Your Mod – Borax Method

Shopping List

  • borax or borax substitute
  • oil based hard wearing enamel colour paint
  • several dropper pipettes
  • flat matte primer spray (not gloss)
  • automotive aerosol clear coat
  • a dismantled mod (See manufacturers guides to disassemble your mod fully)
  • waterproof painters tape to mask
  • stir stick
  • bucket with large opening to fully submerge your mod without touching sides
  • water heater (optional), or use warm water and work quick

1) Mask everything off with painters tape you do not want painting. Fill with paper and tape up carefully. When you mask add a long handle to dip (see picture).

2) Spray your masked mod with primer in smooth thin coats and let it dry fully.

3) Fill the bucket with warm water, or use a water heater and maintain a temperature of around 26°C (78°F). Any aquarium water heater will do fine. Line the bucket with a waterproof bag if you want to, for easy clean up afterwards.

4) Add borax to the water, usually around 24 grams per 5 litres, but check packaging to be sure. This will thicken the water enough for the enamel paint to float on top. Swirl the borax around to dissolve and leave for a minute. The cloudiness starts to settle.

5) Now, paint swirling time! Use your pipettes to gather paint, then carefully drip using the darkest colour first. Take your time here, the paint will move around a lot and look kind of strange but it will settle. Add the colours you require dripping where you want them.

6) Start with a few small drops, wait, then drop some more of another colour.

7) Stir the paint very slowly with a stick. Move slowly through the paint trying to create a good mix of lines and patterns.

8) When you are happy with the floating colour pattern, use your dipping handle attached to your primed mod and submerge very slowly. TIPS: Make sure you do not touch the sides of your bucket/container as you dip, angle the mod diagonally whilst dipping is usually the best method. Do not enter the water straight on, as a diagonal angle helps cover the sides completely as the mod is slowly being lowered into the water. Move sideways and drag your mod across the water surface slightly as you dip. Go slow while you drag and dip diagonally and ensure you totally submerge the mod. You will see paint stick instantly to your mod.

9) Whilst your mod is submerged under the water, gently stir the surface of the water. This clears the paint from the surface of the water, allowing you to pull out your mod out, without gathering more paint on your design on the way out the water.

10) Your mod will already look cool at this point, all you have to do now is clean it up a bit and gloss the surface for durability. Let it dry fully, do not try to towel dry or blow dry as this may smudge the paint.

11) Carefully remove paint where you don’t want it and carefully remove the waterproof masking tape. TIPS: You may want to carefully score the tape and paint with a Stanley knife, so you do not peel any paint. Then use the automotive clear coat spray to add a THIN layer off gloss. Let that dry then add another THIN layer. Repeat as many times as you feel to get that professional, hardened surface. Thin coats make sure that the surface is smooth and drip free.

Now you are done, looks great doesn’t it. Now, I bet you want to try that again on something else but with different colours? Get creative and make some one off awesome e-Cigarettes, or even paint your house keys, coffee cups, pet cat, or whatever you want! (Please don’t paint your cat). You have a bucket of swirl paint in front of you, so what else needs painting 🙂 . Have fun. See some ideas on colour schemes below and don’t forget to like/share this article if you enjoyed reading.

Or alternatively, use a paint dipping kit to create textures, patterns, sticker bombs and more.

Source:Fred Yen