Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Real Reason Scooters, Phones and Ecigarettes Explode

There are many horror stories today that show various devices exploding, burning or even catching fire, and ecigarettes are not exempt from these explosions. In many cases this has resulted in injury. But what is the real reason why ecigarettes explode and how can we prevent this? There Is Only One Reason Vapes, Scooters and […]

Vvapour Live Chat – Personal Shopper

In a constant effort to improve customer support and satisfaction we are trialing a live chat personal sales assistant on our website to help resolve any issues, help customers make informed purchases and try and do our best to bridge the gap between the high street experience and our online experience. We always recommend customers […]

12 Beginners Tips For Keeping Your Ecig/ Eliquid in Top Condition

Having an awesome mod and tasty eliquid is not enough to ensure a good vape every time. The top ecigs on the market can wear easily if not used and maintained correctly. Fortunately, these 12 handy tips will help you beginners keep your ecigarette or eliquid in tip-top condition. If you think we’ve missed any […]