So that time has finally arrived and TPD is now in effect however it isn’t all bad news and there is also a petition growing in signatures to put pressure on the House of Lords to overturn the current TPD implementation that all vapers need to know about and sign.

TPD Petition

Firstly the most important thing you can do right now is sign the petition titled We support the Parliamentary moves to block crazy e-cigarette regulations as soon as possible and share with any friends who also rely on eCigarettes to stay away from traditional smoking.

So what is it all about? This petition is requesting that the House of Lords backs Lord Callanan’s motion to prevent over regulation of e-cigarettes as it may force vapers back to traditional forms of tobacco smoking and that the new TPD regulations unfairly penalize vapers and prevent consumer choice. We are urging the House of Commons to debate the impact on public health of the Tobacco Products Directive on e-Cigs and are pleading with our PM David Cameron and the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to act on the scientific and medical research presented since these regulations were initially proposed. We want an opt out of Article 20 before the EU referendum on June 23rd 2016 so this issue doesn’t become a large factor in the Brexit argument and ultimate outcome.

What else can you do?

Quite a lot actually, you can write to your local MP or MEP to urge them to fight for your rights, rally the troops via social media to raise the numbers and awareness of this issue.

This could lead to the TPD regulation on eCigs & eLiquid being overturned thanks to Lord Callahan.

TPD – Important Information & Takeaways

Article 20 of the EU’s Toboccao Products Directive often abbreviated to TPD in the press came into effect on the 20th of May 2016 and is the first EU wide legislation of its kind for eCigs & eLiquid. Each country within the EU is then required to implement the TPD laws and while many are prepared there are still countries ill prepared and still working on compliance.

While each member state may apply slightly legal variations and additional laws the important measures which must be abided by are:

eLiquid nicotine strength / concentration can not exceed 20 mg/ml which is 2%.
Tanks / Clearomizers and Cartridges can no longer hold more than 2ml of liquid.
Bottles of eLiquid cannot contain above 10ml vol.
All products devices and bottles included must be both child-proof and tamer-proof.
Health warnings and product information leaflets must be supplied with sales.
Advertisements in most media formats is prohibited, this includes TV, Radio, Magazines, Papers and internet adverts are banned across the European Union.
Each EU country can ban distance sales within their locality but are not obliged to. This refers mostly to online sales.
Products already on the market must be notified to the relevant authorities in each country within a 6 month period and new products after TPD implementation must be pre-notified 6 months in advance.
Each country will create and name a body to enforce TPD compliance on a national level to deal with the administration and paper work involved.

Other things to note

TPD regulation does not apply to eCigs licensed as medical products.
Unlike the proposed regulations across the pond in the U, TPD doesn’t require new products to be approved ahead of going on sale, simply they must be registered with the relevant authorities but no approval process is involved.
Flavoured eLiquid is not banned under current TPD regulations despite the fact Menthol Cigarettes are being phased out in similar plans which could eventually make their way to the eCig/eLiquid market.
No minimum age is mandatory however most EU states have adopted minimum ages regardless and is something we completely support.
TPD does not effect taxation on electronic cigarettes.
The new TPD laws are in fact a revised version of the TPD implemented in 2001 which of course at the time didn’t cover eCigs as they were not a common consumable product at that point in time.

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