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A few weeks back PlanetoftheVapes published an article featuring videos of physician Michael Siegel being interviewed about his opinion and view on using eCigs and smoking cessation. In contrary to a previous interview with Siegels original mentor Stanton Glantz who seems to have an alternative opinion which he stated in previous interviews.

Michael Siegel has 25 years experience in the field of tobacco control and also runs his own Tobacco analysis blog.

The blog run by Siegel is used as a platform to debunk the misinformation and myths being fed to mainstream media by the anti-vape campaigners and other interests working against the adoption of electronic cigarettes as not only safe but the most viable and realistic means of quitting smoking.

Sigel strongly recommends vaping to smokers who are looking to quit and states that 90% of people trying to quit with more traditional methods such as nicotine patches, gum and inhalers fail and are left frustrated.

“If quitting smoking was as easy as buying a nicotine patch and slopping it on your chest everyone would be clamouring to use the nicotine patch, everyone would be using nicotine gum. Everyone would be popping a pill – if anything, people just love to pop pills to solve their health problems. The problem is that these programs aren’t working, they have about a 10% success rate.”

Siegel also quite rightly points out that if the traditional methods worked then there wouldn’t be a market and demand for eCigs however as they have demonstrated to be far more popular than any other methods to date they must, in fact, be a great way to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and at least move onto something that is widely considered to be more then 90% healthier than carbon emitting cigarettes.

See the videos below to find out more.