It is officially spring and we are back with another instalment of Vape Weekly News this week we will be covering insurance information for people who vape, what American Legal firms are doing to ruffle some feathers, Twitter eCig Data Report showing the reasons why people take to vaping and more new vape products in stock at Vvapour!

Insurance for Vapers

Did you know that if you vape it will impact your health or life insurance in the same way smoking does? Recent data released has reported that a wide number of people who use eCigs are paying higher insurance premiums as a result of this form of smoking cessation. Choosing a policy can easily feel overwhelming as you want to ensure you get good value for money and don’t unintentionally increase your costs. A recent survey by found 43% of eCig users aren’t aware using eCigs is affecting their insurance premium.

They found 85% of people who took part believe vapers should not have to pay the same additional costs smokers do. 77% agree vaping is what has allowed them to stop smoking and 61% think that vaping instead of smoking has improved their overall health. What do you think? We don’t believe that it is fair and hope medical professionals and policy makers move to improve this situation.

American Law Firms Targeting eCig Explosions

It has been reported, legal firms in the USA have been advertising their services with the message of assisting with eCig explosions and that the outcome can be very lucrative. The problem with this is that the claims should be “Battery Explosions” which also covers any other gadget or device with a lithium ion battery that may have exploded and caused injury and it, of course, sets a negative and inaccurate message to the public.

Whether this is intentional or not this is something that needs to be considered. Battery safety is a huge concern for everybody especially the Vape industry but is something that is certainly not exclusive to eCigarettes and vaping. Read more on the VapingPost.

eCig Twitter Study

A study regarding eCig usage and the reasons people adopted vaping has been published that used Twitter as the data source by listening to over 3 million English language tweets published between 2012 and 2015. The report shows that during 2012 the dominant reason for people taking up eCigs and vaping was to quit smoking tobacco at 43% which was over double the number of people that got into it due to their public image. 14% moved to vaping because it is less frowned upon indoors especially at this time prior to the vaping indoors being banned and 2% said it was because they could use nicotine without the stale smoke smell.

The data had shifted somewhat by 2015 with the researchers noting that both vaping to quit smoking traditional cigarettes dropped to 29% and those that adopted eCigs for the benefit of using them indoors dropped 12%. The nasty smell issue users rose to 5% but they claim that the majority reason was for social image and because vaping was now cool.

Eric Leas one of the researchers said : “Some of the reasons people vape appear to be dubious. For example, vaping may be no less expensive than smoking combustibles, despite their naming that as a reason for vaping. Understanding how the public is potentially misinformed, rather than guessing, is a tremendous benefit for public health surveillance and practice.”

More New eCig Products, Coils etc

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