April is nearly here and the showers are in full effect but did you know Germany gets, even more rain than we do here in the UK? The Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico and US marketing agency Lapiz created Tequila clouds using ultrasonic humidifiers to turn the liquid tequila into vapour which literally rains back down into your shot glass!

Inhaling this alcoholic vapour is likely to be very dangerous and is not something anybody should try without the professionals but it definitely makes for an interesting effect that’s for sure.

The purpose of this display was at Berlin creative space Urban Spree as a temporary installation earlier this month to celebrate the famous Mexican drink and the less celebrated German rain showers and designed to tempt German’s unhappy with the rain to book holidays to Mexico this summer, a novel idea.

We are sure there will be clouds like this at events in the UK at some point but what beverage? A good old English Ale cloud perhaps? Share your ideas in the comments.