Vvapour now have all vjuice flavours in stock and ready for despatch. These include 10ml bottles, 30ml packs (3 x 10ml), 60ml shortfill bottles and 120ml shortfill bottles. 60ml and 120ml shortfill bottles have now been reduced in price. Prices for these are now just £14 for 50ml, and £22 for 100ml. Nicotine shots have also been reduced from £2 to £1.50.

For those who do not understand the above, since TPD legislation (new ecigarette laws that come into effect end of May this year) any bottle of juice containing nicotine cannot exceed 10ml. For bottles larger than 10ml, they have to be nicotine free. So “shortfill” or “nicotine ready” bottles are large bottles, with no nicotine, but has room in the bottle to add your own nicotine after purchase. Hence the term “shortfill”. So manufacturers now sell these shortfill bottles, plus sell 10ml nicotine shots to add to them. Nicotine shots are mixed at 15mg or 18mg usually, and are unflavoured so you can add these to your large bottles without effecting flavour.

To achieve 3mg nicotine total in your big bottles, add 1 x 18mg nicotine shot to 50ml of juice to achieve 3mg nicotine and 60ml juice total. Add 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to 100ml of juice to achieve 3mg nicotine and 120ml juice total.