Monthly Archives: October 2017

UK study asks for Stop Smoking Services to include e-cigarettes

Dr Lynne Dawkins, Associate Professor at London South Bank University has wrote a report ‘Changing behaviour: Electronic cigarettes‘ published this week, which calls for stop smoking services to include e-cigarettes and provides mounting evidence that e-cigarettes will not only help the user quit smoking far more likely than other smoke cessation methods, but also stating […]

Stoptober Campaign Backed By Ecigarettes For The First Time

New TV adverts encouraging the use of E-cigarettes to quit smoking have now been launched by Public Health England. The new campaign is the first time that the organisation has thrown its weight behind vaping on national television. At the 20 Second mark you will see a guy enjoying his ecigarette, which marks the first […]

Stoptober Discounts at Vvapour

Stoptober is here yet again and we want to see even more people give up those smelly ciggies and quit successfully using ecigarettes. Use coupon code STOPTOBER at the checkout to claim your 10% discount. We have had many success stories over the last few years, some who struggle for weeks with vaping but finally […]