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Tired of Smok Baby Beast Coils burning out after just a few days?

Keep getting dry hits or burnt taste often when using your vape pen?

Just swapped juice and coils are dying very fast?

These tips below may help prolong your pre made coil heads up to double there usual lifespan.

Firstly, How Long Should A Coil Last?

This question is kind of like asking how long is a piece of string? Coils will last one person over a month, and yet another person can use the same coil and only get a few days out of it. So what causes coils to have such a varied lifespan between different people.

A coils lifespan can be effected by:-

  1. Juice Brand/Flavour. This is probably the number one reason why a coils lifespan can be effected. Generally speaking a very flavoursome juice contains more flavourings, sweeteners and additives. Some ingredients can caramelise on the coil, and after a few days of vaping these caramelised sugars and ingredients the cotton inside your coil will go black in colour, and taste burnt. Cleaning your coils might give you double or triple the life (read more about cleaning coils below).
  2. PG/VG Ratio of your juice. Sometimes a juices thickness and consistency will be a factor for a coils lifespan. If your coil head is tightly packed with cotton, or has smaller juice flow holes, then it may be struggling to wick the cotton, and juice is vaped from the cotton faster than it can be replaced. This can be easily remedied by using a juice with less VG than you are used to, or by perforating the cotton (read more below).
  3. Wrong Juice For Your Device. Again using the wrong consistency of eliquid for the device you own can be a common issue. If you have a simple vape pen with a one button operation, and the coil ohm’s are 1.0 or more, then you should use a juice with a PG/VG ratio that is well suited, like a 50/50 eliquid. Using 80/20 juice on these low power devices can often lead to coil and wicking issues.
  4. Vape Too Hard and Too Often. If you are always on your mod, with big deep breaths on your vape and barely stopping for a break, you could simply be vaporising juice at a faster rate than it can wick. To help this just simply take breaks, dont vape for so many seconds at a time, or pull juice through the cotton by taking a vape without firing the button. This will pull eliquid through the cotton faster, but do not breathe in too hard when doing this or you may flood the coil with juice.
  5. Incorrect Mod Settings. I think just about everyone has done this at some point. Maybe your using 2 different tanks, one a lot higher wattage than the other, and when you swap tanks you forget to change the wattage. Another thing that can happen is if you have taken batteries out recently and put them back in, the mod may not have remembered your previous settings and be set too high. People can often accidentally put there mod on temperature control mode and burn out a standard coil also. When changing coils to another coil with a differing ohm rating, sometimes mods do not read the new coil and you’re still on the wrong settings. To combat all these issues just be vigilant. When changing tanks, mods, batteries coils etc, just read the screen on your mod, make sure wattage’s and ohm’s are correct before pressing that firing button. If swapping coils make sure you click “new coil” if promted and not the old one, and make sure the ohms are correct to the coil. If they are not, try unscrewing your tank and fire the mod so it states “no tank / no atomizer”. Then when you screw the tank back on it should read it as a new coil.

So How Can We Improve A Coils Life

Firstly you need to find out what is the main issue for you. If you just vape too often and too hard it’s as simple as taking a break every 4 of 5 vapes and allow time for your juice to wick. If you have a vape pen kit start using 50/50 jucies might be all it takes. But if these are not the case you need to find out what the issue is = is it either
1) Your coil tastes burnt due to ingredients caramelising on the cotton
2) Your coil is burning out as it is not wicking fast enough.

Caramelising Eliquid =

If you suspect its ingredients caramelising on your cotton you can simply wash the coils clean. With caramelising liquids it usually happens around the 3 day mark. What you do is wash the coil with warm to hot water and rinse as much out as you can. After cleaning it, blow hard through each cotton hole and both ends, helping flush the manky bits out your cotton. Just repeat this process until your coils look whiter again. Dry them out and they should be good to use again, just give plenty of extra time when you fill up before you start vaping as the slightly damp cotton may not wick as quickly as your used to. Do not use boiling water however. If you use boiling water it may thin out your cotton and leak when you try to use it again, so just use warm-hot water and not boiling. If you want a more thorough cleaning try using alcohol. This shouldnt wear your cotton much and it will flush more crap from your cotton than water will.

Not Wicking Fast Enough

If you think that your coils just aren’t wicking fast enough there are a few solutions. One may be simply to change your juice. Some juices get on better with some coils than others. But if you love your tank, and love your juice, there are still steps you can take to help. Baby beast coils, especially the T6 and T8 tfv8 baby beast coils for example, can have issues with certain juices. Its not uncommon to have baby beast coils last 3 weeks, then the next one only last a few days. This seems to be caused by how tightly the cotton is packed inside the coil. If you think this may be the issue you can poke little holes in the cotton to allow it to wick more quickly. This gives the cotton more surface area to absorb, it lets juice into the centre of the tightly packed cotton, and also draws it in as you vape from outside the coil. Use a sweing needle, or somthing just as small, and poke 1 – 2 holes in each cotton gap surrounding your coil. This has been known to double the life of coils. Just make sure however the juice your using isn’t too thin. If the juice is thick and oily, poking holes in the cotton should work very well. If however your juice looks thin and water-like, then you may find you have leaking issues after poking holes in the cotton. If that the case use less/smaller holes, or swap juices.