Ultra Portable POD systems have been taking the vaping world by storm. Read our guide to vape pods and compacts to see if they’re right for you.

There are almost 3 million e-cigarette user in the UK – and the number is rising year on year. Of these vapers, over half have stopped smoking completely, and a further 750,000+ have successfully given up both smoking and vaping.

This is fantastic news! Quitting rates have improved massively since the rise of vaping; to the point where the UK smoking rate is the second lowest in the EU.

Vaping offers a real, and enjoyable, alternative to smoking. However, recent studies show that some wannabe vapers face a couple of hurdles which inevitably lead them back to the ciggies. The first barrier to success is the inefficiency of cheap vape equipment. The second is the complexity of modern box mods.

Buy cheap, buy twice!

Seasoned cig quitters will have tried all the methods on offer to get off the fags. From sprays to patches, gum to hypnosis – we’ve all been there, with varying levels (and lengths) of success. It’s little wonder then that a certain amount of scepticism will exist when making the decision to try vaping as the next quitting method.

With this scepticism may come an unwillingness to fork out a heap of cash on a quality bit of vaping kit. However, buying cheap vape pens ‘just to see if this vaping malarkey is for me’, comes with its own issues. Leaking, poor flavour delivery, short battery life; all of these arise from sacrificing quality and can, unfortunately, lead to yet another unsuccessful quitting attempt. The kit goes in the bin, and you’re probably put off from vaping for life.

What does this button do again?

As a smoker, when a craving hits you just need to nip outside, grab a cigarette out of your packet (or make a quick rollie) and light the end. So it’s understandable that newbie vapers can be put off by all the extra work required to get their nicotine fix.

Priming coils, cleaning tanks, adjusting airflow, finding the right wattage, charging batteries, learning about Ohm’s Law (!) – it can all seem a bit of a daunting effort just to get a hit.

Fortunately, the solution to these known hurdles is now available. POD systems have arrived to save the day – and we think they offer the perfect solution for beginner vapers to help ease them into the world of vaping.

What are vape PODs?

Also known as ultra-portables, e-cig pods, pod mods, or compacts, vape PODs offer a fantastic middle ground between the cheap petrol station vape pen and the £70 variable wattage box mod.

Vape PODs are equipped with cartridges that come ready built with the coil, wick and e-liquid in place. Essentially you just need to plug and go.

As with any new vaping innovation, there are pros and cons. Let’s explore these further so you can make a more informed decision as to whether Vape PODs might be the quitting solution you’ve been hoping for.