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Many websites out in the world wide web love talking about ecigarettes, eLiquids and other aspects of vaping. Some articles on line support eCigarettes making them out to be the healthiest thing on the world, while other people will have you believe that eCigarettes lead to heroin addiction and contain cyanide.

We’re here today to debunk these myths and give you some common mis-conceptions about e-Cigarettes, good and bad.

1) Eliquid contains poisonous and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and many people don’t even know what’s in the eLiquid they sell.

Answer: Inncorrect! Some eliquid, like cheap unbranded eliquid bought from china, can have a lot of impurities and it’s true the people selling these do not truly know what ingredients are included. This is down to the eCigarette vendor trying to cut costs and get eLiquid as cheap as they can (although formaldehyde has never been found in eLiquid, I just want to point that out). This is the reason you need to buy from a vendor you can trust. For example we at Vvapour buy all of our Eliquid from Vjuice. We do this because we know Vjuice use only pure, certified, UK supplied pharmaceutical grade nicotine, PG and VG. So we know exactly what is in our eLiquids down to the trace elements. Not only this ALL Vjuice flavourings are natural, no GM, certified and from a reliable source that has been providing flavours for food products for many, many years in the UK. The only thing toxic in our eLiquids is nicotine, which again is pure. We can guarantee this due to the sterilized laboratory and equipment we use along with the quality and purity of our ingredients.

2) e-Cigarettes are not addictive

Answer: Inncorrect! For a start humans can get addicted to literally anything. If someone enjoys something, endorphins are released by the brain and makes you feel good or euphoric, and people can get addicted to this feeling, so literally anything enjoyable can be classed as addictive. But from a purely chemical point of view, the only addictive substance within eLiquid is the nicotine (although this is very addictive). That’s not to say all eLiquid is chemically addictive. We have many, many flavours now available with no nicotine whatsoever, making this eLiquid non-toxic and non-addictive.

3) e-Cigarettes are healthy

Answer: Incorrect! Many people believe ecigarettes are completely healthy but they are mis-understanding. eCigarettes ARE a healthy alternative to smoking, but this doesn’t make them completely healthy. The people who will really notice a drastic improvement in health is the current heavy smokers. For these people eCigarettes are making them healthier, but this is down to the fact they are not smoking any more, rather than the fact they are vaping. Nicotine in any shape or form is poisonous and addictive so no product containing nicotine can be classed as healthy. For many smokers health can defiantly be improved with vaping, but if you do not vape and you do not smoke, that is the healthiest option.

4) e-Cigarettes will soon be illegal

Answer: Incorrect! While its true in 2016 many new laws are being introduced both to the EU and to the UK, eCigarettes look like there here to stay, for the most part. There are new standards and governing bodies being introduced soon which may limit eliquid and add standards control to eCigarette manufacture, but this is preferred by nearly all eCigarette vendors. Most eCig shops we speak to all want standards to be introduced, so they know for certain that there goods are manufactured well and safe. Talks are still on-going about the new laws but things we could expect to change is :

  • eliquid needs certifying and in childproof caps with a 1cm toxic symbol clearly shown
  • tanks for eliquid must be completely leak/drip proof
  • temperature control and a limit on watt/volt is required
  • no more drippers and extra large mods

One thought on “Myths About E-Cigarettes and Vaping

  1. VapeVamps says:

    Dry hits produce dangerous amounts of formaldehyde. Thats the fact, not using TC devices and appropriate coils leave you open to this risk,..Stating that ejuice doesnt contain formaldehyde although correct is misleading. Always ensure there is juice in your tank and take extra care when dripping.

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