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It is that time of year again and it appears we are having a late winter in the UK as it is finally getting down to those freezing temperatures and snow is beginning to appear around the country. As a result it is important to take some precautions when using your electronic cigarette in these chilly conditions to ensure your own safety and that your product is working optimally.

So how do you prepare for vaping in winter? Take the following precautions…

eLiquid Precautions

The eLiquid used in eCigs is made up from a few different ingredients. PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine), Nicotine Concentrate and flavourings. The various ingredients have differing freezing points with 100% pure VG being 17°C (yes not very cold at all) PG freezing at -59°C you want to ensure your liquid is not high in VG if being used during very cold conditions and the viscosity of the liquid becomes thicker and as a result the wick system within your tank struggles to absorb the liquid to then be vapourised. As a result you might experience a dry hit, poor vaping or even damage your eCig by burning out the wick.

Glycerol Freezing Point
Percent Glycerol (wt. %) Freezing Point (°F / °C)
50 -7.4 / -21.9
60 -28.5 / -33.6
70 -36 / -37.8
80 -2.3 / -19.1
90 29.1 / -1.6
100 62.6 / 17.0

Many people are unfortunately allergic to PG and so tend to vape pure VG eLiquid alternatives however the best advice here is to keep your eCig, and bottles (if transporting) in an internal pocket to keep them closer to body temperature than the freezing conditions outside. Another alternative is to use a dripper rather than a filled tank as this prevents the issue with your eliquid being too thick.

Winter Battery Protection

Did you know that using your eCig in cold conditions can drastically reduce your battery life and output? Batteries are a form of energy store and when in use chemical reactions take place to create energy, these reactions are far less efficinet though when the temperature falls below 0°C.

When you use an eCig at extremely low temperatures you can expect to see 50% reduction in the battery life and output so we recommend keeping it warm by storing inside internal pockets, keeping a charger handy or a car charger if you are out and about and concerned your battery is running out too fast.

If you charge a battery at a cold temperature then it can have permanent damage and reduce the battery life capacity of your eCig permanently. Keep your eCig battery above 5°C as batteries are far more efficient when kept between 0-60°C anything above and below is not good for your device. So this can effect both the battery capacity and also the voltage level of your electronic cigarette.

Frozen Drip Tips

Remember that scene from Dumb and Dumber? Where Harry licks the metal pole and gets his tongue stuck to it? Well you want to try and avoid that happening with your metal drip tip on your eCig so our advice is to ensure you have a plastic drip tip on hand for the cold days of winter to avoid this unfortunate mishap. Sure metal drip tips look fancy but in the winter time safety comes first. Lips are very delicate and the last thing you want is frostbite from your electronic cigarette so use a non-metallic drip tip instead. Using lip balm can also be an effective option if you simply cannot part with your precious metal drip tips.

Avoid Bugs & Viruses

Many people like to share their eCig with others especially when trying new flavours of eLiquid out and wanting feedback from a friend, partner or colleague, as a result drip tips end up in different peoples mouths which can of course lead to the transfer of bacteria and viruses. As it is winter and nobody wants to flu we recommend avoiding this kind of activity.

Did you know that PG(propylene glycol) in aerosol form is an effective antibacterial and antiviral agent? As a result it may be that the PG vapour can prevent or reduce any viruses transmitted through the air that could usually cause infections of the respiratory tract.

Other Winter Vape Advice

Avoid using your vape pen in the rain. eCigarettes don’t like to get wet just like any electronic device as a result in the winter we advise having some waterproofs. Ideal items include a waterproof jacket, water-right bag for mobile storage and transporation, an umbrella is not a bad idea if you are going to be outside and vaping as well. Gloves are a good idea though ensure they are grippy enough to avoid any slippage and lip balm to ensure your vaping experience remains untarnished and optimal.

If you find your eCig does in fact get wet then take precautions and avoid usage until it is completely dried out. One approach is to use the same remedy commonly used for mobile phones that get wet by putting your eCig into a bag or bowl of dry rice to help absorb any moisture left in your device. If unsure then cease use of your device and return to a local branch to be reviewed/repaired or replaced.

In cold conditions and when changing from cold to hot, in the instance of going from indoors to outdoors and visa versa you might find your tank leaks more than usual, this is because metal expands and contracts in different temperatures. We advice regularly checking your tank is fixed on nicely but of course not so tight that it will damage the threading.

Any Winter Vaping Tips to Contribute?

If you have any tips or tricks to contribute to help our customers and audience stay safe and save money this winter by taking precautions with eCigarettes then please leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Nicotine does not warm you up. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, and reduces circulation to the skin. If you are in a situation where frostbite or hypothermia are serious possibilities, lay off vaping until you get into a warmer place.

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