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Vvapour November News Summary so far

Vvapour Vape News

Snapshot News: Some sensible and realistic Brexit reforms – Post Brexit Vaping Regulations – NNA Offers UK Government A 10 Step Plan – IBVTA writes to MPs and Peers – Best Vape Articles for October 2020 – Long-Term Daily Vaping Doesn’t Cause Lung Damage – Lockdown 2 – Fact Sheet of Lies – COP92021 – […]

Banning Nicotine in Eliquids Won’t Help But Make Things Worse

A Perspective from the Australian Federal Government. Learning at, and learning about measures and new regulations from other countries outside the EU and UK. Last week the federal government’s Office of Drug Control announced changes to the importation of products containing nicotine that will seriously affect the estimated 227,000 regular e-cigarette users in Australia. From […]

Global Vape Revisions in 2020

The Vape scene and industry both here in the UK and in the USA is set to be massively different,. In Europe vapers will have a significant battle on their hands as the EU attempts to formulate TPD 3.0 whilst seemingly clueless on the actualities of vaping. Here in the UK we can expect many […]

The Vape debate that divides, are e-cigarettes saving existing smokers or creating new addicted vapers?

The benefits to vaping

As an somewhat contradictory example, in San Francisco USA, vaping is now of course banned, however sales of legal marijuana and tobacco will continue as usual. San Francisco has often been considered more progressive, arguably detrimentally so, than the rest of the US in its approach to drugs and unorthodox lifestyles. Marijuana was legalised in […]

NHS Derriford Hospital allows vaping on its grounds

NHS Allow Vape

Health managers have decided to allow vaping in the grounds of Devon’s largest hospital.  Derriford Hospital banned all forms of smoking on its premises from 2016. But the board of the NHS University Hospitals Plymouth has now rethought the ban, after Public Health England (PHE) said vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking.  The plans […]

Ally Pod System

The first pod system to come out of the mech mod wonders that is Purge, this pod system offers an intelligently equipped and pocket-friendly vaping platform that serves as the ideal complementary daily carry for cloud chucking vaper. The proprietary chipset of the Purge Ally is capable of VV and TC, a rarity for a pod mod