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Smethwick Bearwood Store Under New Management

Our Smethwick Vvapour e-Cig Store, Bearwood Road, has just been re-stocked and under new management. Pop in and see the newest tanks, drippers, mods, starter kits and our fantastic range of Vjuice e-Liquid with loads of new flavours to try. Get expert friendly advice from our new manager Woody. If you are new to vaping […]

Halfway Through Stoptober 2015

We’re halfway through stoptober 2015 and we hope you have been able to stay off your smelly ciggies. If you haven’t then try again with our 15% off eliquids coupon code. Apply the coupon code STOPTOBER and get 15% off all eliquids. To those taking the stoptober challenge and have vowed not to have a […]

Stoptober 2015 Is Here, Have A Discount On Us!

Well people stoptober 2015 is here, PUT DOWN YOUR LIGHTER AND STEP AWAY FROM YOUR CIGARETTES! Take the stoptober challenge and vow not to have a single cigarettes during October. Studies backed up by the UK government and the NHS, now show that e-Cigarettes are the most effective quitting aid. If you plan on going […]

STOPTOBER 2015 is Nearly Here! Discounts Available

Still smoking cigarettes? Shame on you 🙂 If you are still smoking then we know your pain. You’ve tried gum, patches and going cold turkey, but along comes some stress and your back on the smellies. During October start your 31 day challenge and vow not to have a single ciggie all month, and hold […]

E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco and will be available perscribed by nhs

“E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and could be prescribed on the NHS in future to help smokers quit,” BBC News reports. The reports are due to the findings posted on the UK government website and also on the NHS website, finally proving the importance ecigarettes can have on smokers trying to quit. What […]

Myths About E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Many websites out in the world wide web love talking about ecigarettes, eLiquids and other aspects of vaping. Some articles on line support eCigarettes making them out to be the healthiest thing on the world, while other people will have you believe that eCigarettes lead to heroin addiction and contain cyanide. We’re here today to […]

The dangers of using pure nickel wire for your self build coils

Cloud chasing has become the norm for so many vapers, trying to out-do friends by producing the biggest clouds and most intense flavour. It is this yearning for clouds that have pushed vapers to experiment with RDA’s, building their own coils for low resistance using many, many different set-ups and configurations. One new edition to […]